Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, April 11, 2011


You dove into the ocean,
and gave me a starfish,
red and orange and full of life.
I marveled at how beautiful it was.
I set it free,
the way I unchained the past.
Your eyes sparkled,
like the stars that
mapped our way home.
My laughter,
was the music in the
warm summer night.


  1. I love the last three lines, Ayala! Laughter is my favorite, it is the truest legacy passed down to me from my Mama!

  2. lovely verse...let it go like the past, very nice...and your laughter being the song of a summer night is fab!!

  3. I want to go to the beach now!

  4. Thank you, Caroline. That's a great legacy :)

  5. I absolutely LOVE this poem! I tried to choose a favorite line, but I just love it all.

  6. How lovely. Reminds me of counting star fish along the breakwater with my brother when we were little. We always felt lucky each time we saw one.

    (unchaining the past - I'm getting better at that. slowly getting better.)

  7. Thank you, Mel. I'm glad it brought back nice memories for you. Unchaining the past is no easy task, so slowly is better than never.

  8. Ayala, this made me smile. So tender and so sweet and beautifully done. Unchaining the past - so very liberating.

  9. captured, summer, as i was by your words. very nice!

  10. I just ADORE this poem Ayala is beautiful. Especially those words:

    "Your eyes sparkled, like the stars that mapped our way home."

    Sunshine and smiles to you! =(^.^)=

  11. Thank you, Rhonya.
    Sunshine and smiles to you too.