Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy 15th Daniel!

It's hard to believe that our Daniel is fifteen years old. On one hand it seems like yesterday when I heard his first cry, looked into his eyes and kissed his forehead with immense gratitude and love. On the other hand it feels like fifteen years of joy, sleepless nights, reading, sharing, loving, all the building blocks of life with more happiness than we could have imagined. My little boy is a young man. A fifteen year old that knows what he wants and shows great passion in his quests . Happy Birthday Daniel, you are the light in my eyes, the laughter in my day. I wish you a life of discovery, wonder, love and inner peace. I wish you happiness and I love you to infinity and beyond.

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Carolina chickadee 
flew into the park
one brilliant morning.
The trees rejoiced,
their leaves swaying
to the autumn breeze.
I tasted a change coming
as my eyes softly
welcomed them 
with a smile.
I harbor memories
of long ago,
on a distant shore
of the caged small birds
feasting passionately
from a sugar bowl
oblivious to their circumstance. 
The bartender said
they were love birds
and they mate for life.
He poured rum into a tall glass
while sand brushed my toes.
I laughed,
I remember my innocence.
Youth and it's delicious
and painful blunders,
a lifetime ago.
I sigh,
it's my lifetime ago,
my wonder,
my thirst for life and love
that awakened my resolve.
My rebellion
my transformation from a girl into a woman,
a woman that would become a mother,
that loved fiercely. 
A woman that believed in dreams
and starting over.
A woman that wanted to touch
the sky
like a free bird.