Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The ocean holds our dreams,
waves have washed over us
while we trolled the great ocean
as it unfolded and lay in front
of us in it's glory.
These waves tender
and fierce
told our stories to the sun,
the moon
and the vast sky.
We were one with the currents
and the tides.
We watched birds working
our guides to clues.
Our reels sang
as we fished,
your laughter
genuine and loud,
while joy flowed in our veins.
Images of yesterday stir my soul,
tears falling
for a friend that was a brother 
to me.
While the fishing rods sway
to the rhythm
of the universe
our friendship 
lasted to the sunset of our life.
This poem is about my father in law and his dear friend Captain James Farrell . They were friends for more than forty five years. Captain Farrell was a role model to my husband. He was loved by so many. I wrote this in 2010. He passed away almost three weeks ago and this coming week his life will be celebrated.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The owl watches me
from his burrow,
"good morning"
 I whisper
 as not to arouse
suspicion of my sanity to
His eyebrows 
   prominent white
his eyes shine.
He is shaded by
a great old tree
with giant roots and
a giant heart
the kind old trees possess .
The red flowers shed
 on the ground
are like a carpet as I walk past .
The owl watches me
and others that
go past him without a second
I think about an old friend
his hair was grey
and his enthusiasm unmatched
by any young folks.
He was awarded
a purple heart and
the Bronze Star 
with three oak leaf clusters for valor 
 in world war II
He cracked  jokes and he
delighted when I smiled.
He offered help
when he saw me drowning
and wept with me when his mother
died in her late nineties.
He lived and died
on his own terms,
courageous and full of spirit.
When I heard the news
I cried
a wound bruised
inside me.
I think of him often,
 he was one of those
souls that are rare
 and kind
gentle and giant.
His soul saw mine
like the great tree in this park
with a huge heart
like this owl that
watches me
like he can see 
  my soul. 
spirits entwined as one
for a moment
for a day

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Dread and beauty
pour from my veins,
gratitude and surrender.
Life is fragile
like threads come undone.
I raise my glass to celebrate 
yet I feel despair at
how broken we are,
on this bridge from the past
to this moment.
Seekers praise though
they have silent doubts 
they have not tasted the rain
or the blood on the streets.
A high school cheerleader
chasing the dragon
overdosed in the back of 
a gas station, 
parked behind the trash cans
and recycled bins
and roaches crawling
to their freedom.
Those that believe
 to be proper claim to
know what it's like
to be a mother or father 
of lost souls,
they will correct your grammer,
look you in the eye
and pretend 
that they understand 
all because they were in Woodstock
and shared a bong with 
a rock star.
Dread and beauty 
pour from my veins
sadness evokes the thunder
in my heart.

At we are writing about light and darkness.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I walk through the trees
observing light and shadow.
I feel the inspiration stir,
I take a breath watching
a butterfly follow me.
I breathe words these days,
but they are silenced
by my questioning heart
asking does it matter?
Do I matter?
The saturated fear 
that it does not
leave me empty like 
a husk I see on the ground.
I question my sanity,
my worth,
I disrobe of the accolades 
and strip bare
what matters?
It's all been said
and done
light and shadow dual,
my soul had been cracked
open before.
I claw out of the darkness
to see the sun.
I kneel by the ocean
and question the smallness of it all
in this vast world.
I am small,
a whisper,
I am nothing.