Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The hunger weeps in the night
what will you do to wake up your soul
what you will do to awaken mine.
Desire filled nights
our hearts racing
as we wait for dawn's light.
I washed my soul in the ocean
while tears fell tenderly.
Your fingers ran down my spine
and left a print on my skin .
Your arms a homecoming
sun kissed days
that ached in sweet surrender.
You are the dew on the morning grass
You are the sound of the rustling leaves
You are the wine in my empty glass
What will you do to wake up your soul
What will you do to awaken mine

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The grass glistens
like gems under the light.
I am a dreamer lost in these
moments of wonder.
I listen to the melody,
his image on my gray shirt.
He was a dreamer,
I'm not the only one.
He dreamt of peace
when I was in the bomb shelter
listening to air raid sirens.
A ladybug crawled on
my arm in the darkness.
I was not consumed by fear
but I was filled with hope.
If he lived today
would he be disillusioned
that there is no peace,
that barriers exist,
that we are connected
and disconnected.
These days,
this life,
the change,
all the questions that remain.
We dance through  the questions
we walk side by side with our shadows.
Once in awhile
 we see a glimpse of our better self
making the world a better place
than we have found it.
I am a dreamer 
but I am not the only one.
Mary has us writing in quotes,some of my favorite quotes come from John Lennon's Imagine. 
He was a dreamer and I join him in dreaming.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Our bodies 
carry our biographies
she says.
Her voice gentle and soothing
as she instructs us into
a yoga pose.
 The walls are green
 a mix of
jade and avocado.
Our bodies remember 
where we have been
 and who we are.
They hold the scars and shame.
I breathe
and remember the collisions 
of my soul.
Does my body remember
when I've been beaten,
even though my scars have faded.
Does it remember despair and hunger
in my darkest moments.
I was a fearless young girl
that followed her heart.
I have traveled the road
of humiliation and determination,
highs and lows.
My body remembers
the joy of the birth of my children,
holding them for the first time
as my soul lifted.
The sorrow of my parents dying,
the conflicts of religion 
and spirituality .
The hopscotch between 
two continents
that were once both home to me.
How I felt anxiety and loneliness
until I built a new world.
My soul rises,
it's always known where I belong
and how I feel.
I always knew,
never needed to search
for my identity.
I am complicated,
a contradiction
a survivor.
 I have always followed
my heart.
My words have guided me,
lifted me,
gave me a voice.
I wish to leave the words behind
not half truths
but honest confessions.
I want to wear my shame
as well as I wear my triumphs.
My love will linger in my
boys hearts and
on my lovers lips.
My love is what defines me. 

 Maria has us searching out our identity---answering one of a few questions:  Who are you and whom do you love? What else are you, that no one has seen before? Describe a morning you woke without fear. What lingers when all is said and done?