Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not Chasing Yesterday

I am standing still
in the moment.
I'm not chasing my youth,
I left it behind me.
I savor today,
I carry a lantern to light
my way through the walls
of my heart.
I possess a childish enthusiasm,
even though the road was rough
my sense of wonder
may be tainted but
 not diminished or broken.
The light in my eyes
at times filled
with darkness.
 I remember pieces
of my childhood,
laughter and sadness.
A pin an astronaut gave me when I was six,
songs I sang with dad on a worn out tape,
books holding secrets,
poems I wrote as a little girl,
in colorful dog eared notebooks.
Dots on a map of a life
 well lived.
I have savored sweetness,
and swam in melancholy,
I have climbed over
walls that imprisoned me,
I have confronted what was expected
of me
and chose my own path,
my own way.
I chewed those moments
without regret.
I don't want yesterday's
I don't wish to recycle my dreams.
I have grown,
I'm not chasing yesterday,
I am living today.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Patron Shots With My Brother

Patron shots,
with you ,
Our road smooth and rough
our journey sweet and sour
when did we get so old ?
It seems like yesterday
we were erecting tents out of sheets
playing cowboys that
we loved to watch in 
the town theatre.
We found refuge from the heat
and delighted in the smell 
of fresh popcorn.
You resented the little
tag along sister
that looked up to you. 
Here we are
we have lived,
we loved,
and we lost our parents
we walked through
grief and pain.
Yesterday is present,
a soundtrack of our life,
a loving home,
with treasured memories.
A life not perfect,
but a life well lived.
Patron shots
to celebrate your birthday
to celebrate our life
magical yesterdays
that will live forever
in our hearts.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Know You

I know you
like the first sentence in a 
poem I walk into.
I know you like a wave in the ocean
washing over me,
like the wind in my hair,
like mom's baking.
 I know you
like the breath I inhale,
like a song I hum,
like the sand in my feet,
like a dream I had
dreamt last night .
I know you,
like Sunday ,
like sunrise on vacation,
like the taste of my childhood.
I know you,
like coming home,
like rolling in the mud,
like banana ice cream,
like lemon,
My love fierce,
my love eternal,
my love yours

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Murky Waters

Confessions of the soul
take place on dark alleyways,
and on sunny open fields
of green.
If I open my heart
would you still love me ?
The past resides within,
it is my companion.
Will you still throw bouquets 
at my feet,
and give me accolades.
 Would you deem me insane
for wanting to die.
Would you deem me insane
for wanting to live
without regrets,
with unbridled abandon
for loving without boundaries,
for fighting a battle I could not win.
I threw myself into murky waters
without knowing how to swim.
I learned lessons while
I was drowning.
Confessions of the soul,
we carry them like fragile threads
that comes undone.
The anchor within releases
we let them fly one by one,
we find ourselves free. 

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