Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, December 31, 2012

My Wish

my wish for you.
Dangle your feet in the wind,
jump into the ocean.
Walk on a new path,
live without regret.
Breathe in today,
sweep away your sorrows.
and dream some more.
Spread your wings and fly.
Fight for what you believe in,
and those you love.
Find your voice,
touch the sky,
this is my wish for you.
My dear friends you give me so much love and support all through the year, I want to thank you and I want you to know that when I see you here my heart is filled with gratitude. Wishing you Love and Peace in 2013 and always. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Daniel!

Your hand holds a yellow flower,
your hand holds the world. 
Before you were born I wished
for you,
dreaming of you.
You stand in the kitchen,
the sun playing with your hair.
Your hair once golden has turned to brown.
Your giggles turned into laughter.
You make me smile with your humor,
it comes so naturally to you.
You ask me if I love you more than your brother,
I laugh and ask you,
do I love my right side better than my left side?
Do I love my brain better than my heart?
They are equal to me,
as both of you are.
You laugh back,
"then I want to be your brain,
because the brain controls everything."
Morning snuggles,
wishing your nightmares away ,
I have waited for you all my life.
You are my sun on a rainy day,
you are my inspiration.
You are my heart,
you are my everything.
This is for my son Daniel. Happy 12th Birthday. You bring us happiness every day.
We love you. Happy Birthday and a happy life.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas And A Place Called Home

He hovers as I sleep,
waiting for me to open my eyes and smile.
I rub the sleep out of my eyes,
capturing his anticipation.
Christmas morning feels magical,
Elvis singing Christmas songs,
while we inhale coffee.
Snow globes shining,
lights twinkling,
hearts dancing as one.
He wants to wake his brother up,
but he has to wait until nine o'clock .
My thoughts wander to
children abandoned and abused
in shelters plucked away from family,
they have no safe place.
A man I met the other day
finds hope in every child,
and dedicates his life to helping them.
He traded his chain to buy his wife
a ring for Christmas.
He left the corporate world,
to a job at the shelter. 
The job doesn't pay much
but he is richer than many I know.
His eyes light up as he shares
his heart with me.
My heart rejoices because I know
our paths crossed for a reason.
My little one urges again and my thoughts
wander back.
After the gifts,
husband and I watch television 
by the tree.
The tree breathes with us,
as we breathe with gratitude. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts. So grateful our son Josh was able to get time off from the hospital and 
come home and spend Christmas with us.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


my heart weeps,
a nation mourns.
The reporter on television
interviews volunteers that
followed their hearts and came here
to lend a hand.
In the background I see,
Love, Hope, Faith words in lights.
Good words that seem so hard tonight.
Evil walked into this place
and brought darkness.
Twenty angels,
I listen to their names called,
an ache fills me.
Twenty stars shine bright in the 
sky tonight.
Their light will shine forever.
we cry out,
we question the insanity,
we question the demons.
" Mama, without evil there's no good
and without shadow there's no light."
Eleven years old and yet so wise,
I hold him closer.
Broken hearts,
lives undone,
candles lit ,
unimaginable loss.
We weep,
we pray,
for lives forever changed.
Tonight, today,
for always.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the children from Sandy Hook Elementary and their brave teachers. Our thoughts are with their families and community. We will never be the same. We mourn with them. Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Magic

Weeks ago 
we sat side by side.
My boy and I.
Red and powder blue snowflakes
on my pajamas.
We laughed as we watched
the Macy's parade.
I lingered in the moment,
while he was in a rush to 
return to Minecraft , watch for updates
and play with his friends.
He drank hot chocolate
laced with sweet marshmallows,
while I nursed a sugarless cappuccino
in my favorite mug.
The smell of cooking intoxicating,
husband creating delicious food,
while listening to our giggles, 
a warm feeling washed over us.
We remembered grandma and grandpa
never missing a parade.
Laughing that they have front seats
in heaven.
we dressed the Christmas tree with the past.
Ornaments from Kindergarten
made with small hands
and big hearts.
Baby's first Christmas,
Duke Blue Devils.
The tree stretched and sighed
in delight.
The lights twinkled,
the lights shined the way
yesterday's milestones do.
We danced as we bridge
yesterday and tomorrow,
while our feet are anchored in the moment,.
Good Night Moon,
rests on a shelf,
collecting dust
awaiting a new generation.
Days swiftly turn to years,
we mourn,
we celebrate.
Tonight while the moon hangs
in anticipation,
we will listen to the holiday concert.
Our boy will play the clarinet,
his fingers mastering the sound,
while we watch with wonder.
Tonight we leave behind
moments sprinkled with pain.
Tonight we give gratitude,
for tender moments,
saturated with joy.
Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Live

These days,
I live
Don't think I have forgotten you,
my thoughts find you in the
alleyways of my mind. 
Early dawn,
the house is dark and quiet
I awaken thinking of you.
Fragments of dreams,
I search through mingled trees
and dark forests.
I search for you.
These days,
I laugh
something I have forgotten to do.
I catch a glimpse of my old self,
the sadness melting from my eyes.
I remember the passion you had 
for life.
I remember lessons taught by example.
Yesterday I was but a shadow of myself,
today I step into my body
and reclaim my soul.
I heal my broken stems,
grow new leaves.
I walk among the starfish,
I skip among the stars.
I fly
because you taught me that I can.
I fly
because one day we will meet again.
These days,
I live again.
Don't think I have forgotten.

Dedicated to my parents. I miss them so much but finally I feel like I can live again without sadness being my constant companion. Meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Not About The Grade But The Journey

We walk,
our steps rushed,
the ground hard.
The sun is shy but
smiles upon us.
I ignore the wind,
playing with my hair.
I'm listening closely,
to you speaking,
trying to heal the bruised ego
of your brother.
His tears cascading down,
his exam a disappointment.
You carry his heavy backpack,
wanting to lighten his burden.
I listen as you encourage,
with words of tenderness.
His glasses fog up,
from tears and distress.
You hand him a napkin to wipe
them away.
My boys,
one a man,
the other still a child.
Your story weaved with love.
The beauty of the moment
cherished in my mind.
On the way to the airport,
bumper to bumper traffic .
We take side streets,
as our afternoon unfolds.
I will savor today,
the snapshot of my sons,
standing side by side.
I will soak it in ,
with grace and gratitude in my heart.

My older son was visiting ten days ago. We went to pick up my little one from school and he was devastated about a math exam he took. He is in 6th grade and his class is a college credit class and very difficult. He loves the challenge and he was disappointed in himself. It was special for me to watch my older one speak to him with such tenderness and love. It's those moments that make everything worthwhile. 
Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Moment In Our Life

In the corner of the room,
the green dragon watches silently.
He stands tall, 
wrapped around the spear from Kung Fu.
His older brother left it as a joke,
like a note trail
reminding him that he was there.
I watch him as he writes an essay
about uniforms stifling individuality,
his eyes intense,
his fingers flying on the keyboard.
The book he read on Tesla 
on the nightstand,
along with twenty five dollars,
he earned folding laundry. 
His effort toward raising
money for Thanksgiving baskets for
the less fortunate.
His father walks in
to listen to the essay.
I inhale the moment  in this room,
painted with blue walls,
SpongeBob bedsheets,
and a bunny he still tucks
under his arm in his sleep.
The bunny battles nightmares,
and keeps this space safe.
My boy,
his eyes sparkle ,
his imagination bigger than these walls.
His imagination takes flight,
and has no limits.
I watch with tenderness.

Meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kept Promises

Colorful Lego bricks scattered
like confetti on the ground.
Spaceships and rockets built
a feast to my eyes.
His eyes shine as he runs to me,
" I need electrical parts for my Legos."
I smile quietly,
" please mom"
his voice urges.
I take a deep breath,
" we will see " I answer.
My thoughts unravel,
as he chatters away
details of inventions and
dreams he dreams.
He captures my attention with
his enthusiasm .
An ache fills me,
as I watch him build a fort
out of food cans,
I want to shield his heart.
I have to make up for a dad
that's not present in his life.
I have to make up for promises
his dad did not keep,
a treehouse he said he would build,
baseball he said he would play,
tears of a little boy.
I need to fix it with a band aid to his soul,
he is five and I am twenty nine.
We are growing and learning
I hold him closer,
shelter him from the pain,
nourish him with books and love.
I remain silent,
and determined,
I never make a promise that I can't keep. 

This poem was inspired by my friend and talented poet Brian Miller , he wrote this poem the other day that touched my heart. I had my son Josh at the age of 24. I was the happiest girl when he was born. I raised him alone starting at the age of nineteen months old. He was my world and I was his. I never wanted him to feel lack of anything and it's hard sometimes as a parent to admit that we can't do it all for our children. I did have great family support so I was blessed but it was always the two of us. When he was nine I met my husband and he became a dad to my son. It was a gradual growth of their relationship and it was not always easy. It grew into a great father and son love and respect.  Most of you know about Josh because I have shared many poems about him. My Lego boy is now 26 and a doctor that is selfless and a humanitarian that I admire. We did grow up together and through our various struggles we learned many lessons. My son Daniel is 11, he has had both parents raising him which is a different situation. He is a wonderful young man as well. Meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts. The picture above is when Josh was eight years old and I was able to take him to Legoland.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eight Weeks

The mullets are jumping in the bay,
up in the air,
on an invisible trampoline.
He smokes inhaling the cigarette,
like a lifeline,
as if it's her
still here beside him.
The ringlets of smoke,
find their way into the clouds.
The reel squeals but
he holds back.
Sunny skies,
but we are gray.
We dance around the conversation,
her absence felt.
Weeks ago she collapsed
like a wounded bird in his arms.
The lobster claws remained untouched
in the ice box.
The football games became
a background noise of a devastating Sunday.
The mullets were in the bait motel,
and he released them,
for her,
for her spirit,
a gesture of love.
Her spirit remains,
in this home at the edge of the ocean,
where ashes are in a green pouch
waiting to be scattered into a Turquoise ocean.
Framed photographs,
snapshots of happier days,
a life well lived.
Silent thoughts,
a longing heart.

Meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Fourth Floor

Grandma lived on the fourth floor,
but you would never know it.
A jungle of 
plants adorning her terrace,
serenity would wash over us when we 
were small.
We could see the zoo from the terrace,
spy on the giraffes,
the smell would rise above on windy days.
That was before developers came in and bought the land.
I missed the zoo when it closed down,
the feeling I was in a far away place,
even though I was caged in the city.
Grandma had open arms,
and an open heart.
Her kitchen abundant with food,
cooked with love.
She was sunny,
and colorful like the beads she wore.
Her eyes blue as the ocean,
her strength deep,
but silent.
She had wisdom that was not taught in books,
but life. 
Grandma smiled with kindness as 
she offered casata ice cream,
three flavors living side by side,
in a box of wonder.
Her eyes would sparkle,
as we tasted the sweetness. 
She had endured war and loss,
pain unimaginable.
Yet, she found the way,
her days unfolding,
her days filled with simple gratitude ,
Her ways taught us,
about love and family,
about dignity,
and survival.
Grandma lived on the fourth floor,
you would never know it because
it was a world of it's own. 

Dedicated to my grandmother Dora. She was an amazing woman that survived the war. Her parents were murdered and she had to go on and struggle through the war with two small children. She was a survivor and
she had grace and dignity. She worked hard all her life and she was all about family and her children. I appreciate now her quiet strength, the older I get the more I understand. Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

True To Myself

Grief tastes like bitter tea leaves,
floating in sewer water.
Grief tastes like limoncello 
I drank when my dad died.
In my head,
silence is loud,
In my head,
noise is silent,
This invisible bubble between us,
I don't want to swim in these waters filled with misery.
To be honest being grateful does not make this
task easier,
I am human and I am flawed,
I need to feel the storm sweeping 
me away inside my head,
leaving an imprint on my soul.
I need to stand still and acknowledge
it and welcome it,
I need to feel.
I do not mean to cause you more pain,
I do not mean to linger,
I just need to be true to myself.
I remember when my mom was sick,
and dying,
I came to you depleted, 
you held me,
our eyes interlocked,
I inhaled your breath as you inhaled my sorrow.
We've been here before,
this part of life,
facing that we have no control.
Life fragile,
pain is pain,
and there is no sequel.
I do not mean to cause you any pain,
I do not mean to linger,
I just need to be true to myself.

Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Forever Daisy

By the gates of heaven you'll wait
for me,
wagging your tail in delight,
howling to greet me and I will smile.
By the gates of heaven you'll wait 
for me,
the way you waited every day 
for me to return home,
celebrating my arrival ,
your happiness innocent and unbridled. 
I see you in every corner,
in every step I walk alone.
I celebrate sun kissed days
we had,
a life shared,
sweet memories that live in my heart.
By the gates of heaven,
I will lay down beside you,
and roll with you among the clouds.
I will hold you,
the way I held you in my arms today
when we said goodbye.
Until then,
swim in aquamarine pools,
run in sunflower fields
chasing lizards and butterflies.
Run through the fields of heaven,
until we meet once again.
Our beloved Daisy passed away yesterday. We thought she was going in for surgery to pull an infected tooth. The infection was a symptom of Leukemia. From Saturday to Monday morning the vet saw a major decline. He said the right thing to do is to let her go. Sadly and devastated we said goodbye. My husband and I held her in our arms. She was a part of our family. She brought us so much happiness . We will miss her and she will live in our hearts forever. So many have come here and left comments how she made them smile. That's the way she made us smile every day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We die slowly every day,
we juggle our days,
spinning hours away,
moments of epiphany,
moments of despair,
on autopilot.
Hours laced with routine
and responsibilities,
while we bury our desires.
Dentist appointments,
grocery shopping,
I hunt for a tomato,
I smell one and then another,
until I smell the sweet scent.
I close my eyes and wonder.
We juggle while we wish to save the world,
save the dolphins,
save the oceans,
save ourselves.
We die a little more,
holes in our hearts,
emptiness we cannot fill,
band aids to social issues we can't solve.
We strive to save the world,
while we die a little more.
The game room at the pediatric dentist office
diverts the children with electronic games.
Mothers on their iPhone,
distracted while paying one hundred sixty dollars
for teeth cleaning,
while five miles away there are
children that come to school with empty bellies.
Hungry for the free lunch that will sustain them
for another day.
We die a little everyday.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Small Bites

The city is buzzing,
a man wearing a hat walks by with his dog.
A little boy and his grandma find shade
under a tree in front of the Modern Museum of Art.
An ambulance screaming,
the city boisterous while I take it in,
poetic colorful streets.
I found serenity at the outside garden cafe,
at the museum,
while nursing a Diet Coke,
and dark chocolate ice cream,
calling the people I love.
While my boy is sleeping recovering
from the night shift.
I wait to cook for him,
a home made meal, 
made with love,
and embrace him and his overgrown beard.
I escaped for a moment,
I don't want to wait for my dreams,
I want to live them in
small delicious bites.
A night earlier at Fenway Park,
Americana at it's best,
The Red Sox vs. The Yankees,
on a hot September night.
We reminisce about baseball games,
we went to when he was a child.
I laugh because my heart is full.
I laugh because my boy has grown
into a fine man. 

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Butterflies in my hair,
butterflies in my head,
thoughts born to take flight.
In a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco,
I thought of you.
Tables in booths with curtains drawn,
in my mind like confessionals at church,
the soul waiting absolution.
The soul delights as it rises
through green fields of forgiveness. 
A small cubicle,
with an unspoken promise.
You spill your soul hoping for a new slate,
a new day.
All of us sinners,
with our poison of choice,
our path muddy,
on our journey.
Sins fester inside,
imprisoned in our being.
We bury them without allowing
them wings to fly,
as we watch our dreams die,
leaving them in a bottomless
ocean of pain.

Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walk With Me

Walk with me
among my people,
lives lost,
innocence stolen,
futures robbed.
Walk with me
among these glass towers,
engraved with numbers.
These numbers were once people,
steam rising through metal grates,
my insides tuning inside out.
Tears falling for those slaughtered,
their voices silenced forever.
I feel one with them,
even if I walk along the
borders of religion and faith.
I feel one.
I read quotes inscribed of survivors 
left behind,
my heart saturated in pain.
Images seared in my mind
of people dying,
families vanished,
children that will never grow up.
My great grandparents,
their home burnt to the ground,
murdered in cold blood.
My heart heavy,
I want you to walk with me,
through the gates of hell,
where humanity lost it's mind,
where humanity lost itself.

Stand beside me,
hold my hand,
feel my beating heart,
screaming in rage.
My veins filled with legacy of
and pain.
Walk with me as one,
feel my soul sigh in anguish.
Remember those silenced,
remember the past,
and let it never happen again. 

I was inspired to write this when I visited Boston this weekend. It was a short visit and I am grateful that I got to see it with Irina my son's girlfriend. If you wish to read more on it, here is a link, .
I felt moved in a way only this poem can explain. I am not a religious person but I've always felt spiritual. That always makes me feel guilty because of my legacy. I married a Christian and at the time it was hard for my parents and grandparents to accept because they were holocaust survivors.  Please meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Soft currents,
rough waves,
sadness floats through aquamarine waters.
Not long ago
we dipped in the cold ocean,
collecting shells,
talking about life and death,
blond little boys you loved,
that captured your heart,
adventures we stumbled on,
books we read.
We left footprints on the sand
as we shared food and laughter,
tales of fish caught,
tears of loss.
We escaped the rainstorm that day,
not knowing that it will be the last time
we would share these waters.
Goodbye my friend,
sleep with the angels,
may your spirit soar,
may you find peace,
you will be missed.

This is dedicated to my friend Sieg. She was my father in law's companion for the past eleven years. We have shared many days fishing and talking and a connection that will always be in my heart. She passed away yesterday 9/10/12 unexpectedly . It was a shock and sadness fills our hearts. Please meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Her hair golden,
bounces softly.
Her eyes fields of green.
She holds my hand,
she wants to show me
the night sky.
The dream catcher hanging on her window,
catches nightmares and carries them away
from this room filled with love.
This room filled with stars she sees
in her chandelier
and princess Barbie dolls
that comfort her and
whisper tales in her ear.
She plays with my hair
and I laugh 
because her small hands feel
like waves in the ocean
comforting and dreamy.
I laugh because her words are tender
and her heart is open.
Her eyes sparkle as she calls me
Aunt Sushi,
instead of Aunt Mushy
and we giggle.
Her laugh infectious,
the sound of sweetness.
We read a book about the Statue of Liberty,
it took 214 crates to bring her to America.
We read a book about Abe Lincoln
and how he stuffed notes in his hat.
We pretend to be mermaids in the ocean,
while she tells me she loves purple and red.
She rests her head on my shoulder.
She holds me for a moment,
and captures my heart.
her eyes full of dreams,
her mind filled with imagination,
her heart full of love.

This is dedicated to sweet Jayden. The daughter of our dear friend that we visited in New-York
a couple of weeks ago . She is four and a half years old. We have not seen her since she was an infant.
She charmed us and inspired this poem. Mushy is my nickname so it was funny when she called me aunt sushi which I just loved. Please Join us here Where we
share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Invisbile Heroes

Heat rises from the streets,
sounds heard ,
a cell phone in a distance,
an ambulance siren,
all in the shadows of the white,
pristine stadium along Biscayne Bay.
Million dollar condos,
larger than life portraits,
of the basketball home team,
home town heroes.
The avenue glowing like
a pregnant woman in
her glory.
A walk away ,
the other avenue dying a slow death.
Smell of urine and semen rising
from the street.
Unattractive reality of brothers
living on cardboard boxes
in the street.
Those that drive by afraid to
look into their eyes.
Brothers that once bled
red, white, and blue
in unforgiving foreign green fields.
Long before America
led parades for heroes.
Long before small children
waved their flags in welcome.
In those days,
they were neglected,
set aside,
disposed of.
Their parades canceled and revoked.
Real heroes with no larger than life portraits.

I wrote this for the Anniversary Poetry Contest that was submitted to Nain Rougue. Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Empty Chair

There's an empty chair
beside me.
There's an empty place that only
you can fill.
Yesterday's memories live
in the attic of my heart.
In a place that only you can reach
and comfort.
I remain with
words you left behind,
love you gently carried,
postcards of places we've been to,
photographs of moments
of a life well lived.
I have drowned in sorrow,
I have lost my way.
I have carried a scar with your name.
I want to dance in the rain,
and celebrate you.
I want to voice my gratitude to the world.
I want to bottle my tears 
and save them for another day.
I want the wind to whisper secrets
in my ear.
Today I will soar and fly,
today I will live,
today I will celebrate you.

This is dedicated to my mom. Last week I wrote a poem for her as well. This week is three years
since she passed away. I think of her every day but more so when her birthday or
anniversary of her passing is here. I miss her and I remember all our special moments. 
Please meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Magic That Was You

I inhale the peaches,
red and orange color.
Peaches so perfect,
as if they escaped a Renoir painting.
I seek a bruised one
and I delight that it's flawed.
I wait with anticpation
to slice into it.
I remember you,
gently holding a knife
and cutting into it.
A smile would appear
in the corners of your mouth,
when you tasted the sweetness.
I take a peach to my lips,
the taste almost intoxicating.
I wish I could share it with you mom,
the way we shared so much.
I carried slices of pain,
between mother and daughter.
I held bitterness to unkind words,
unimportant and trivial,
now that you're gone.
I have not forgotten,
the magic that you carried.
Love you scattered.
Your arms that like a blanket,
covered us and kept us warm.
The love that made walls into
a home.
I wish you knew
that I miss you everyday
since you left.
When you visit me in my dreams,
I attempt to remember
fragments of you.
I remain longing for you,
for words I did not say,
those last few days.
You tried to speak
but I could not understand,
your tongue swollen,
your eyes desperate to reach me.
I hid the tears but
you saw the pain in my eyes.
Mom, as I inhale this peach,
as I soak into this life,
I remember.
The longing lingers,
the pain remains
and I wish you were here.

August 26th is three years since my mom passed away. I miss her every day.
Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

His City

I fall in love the minute we land.
Her skies grey,
yet they welcome me.
I take a deep breath,
I feel like I am home,
even though we just met.
She is his city
and so I feel like she's mine.
Her beauty unfolds as I 
watch her awaken from her sleep.
I want to embrace her,
the way she embraces him.
I fall into her,
she is magical at sunrise 
over the Boston harbor.
Red brick buildings,
historical walks,
ducks that come to life in a 
children's book I read to him
when he was a child.
In her streets I walk
feeling alive,
they tease me because my smile
is wider,
my voice is lighter,
they don't know that I am home.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moments Of Our Life

We stumble into Dunkin Donuts 
with a desire for a good cup of Joe.
He cracks a joke with
the girls behind the counter and
they smile, their day
becomes a little sunnier.
We eat breakfast sandwiches,
I watch the faces of those I love,
rubbing sleep from their eyes.
A good feeling washing over me.
We converse on the way to Cape Cod,
small whimsical buildings,
American flags flying in the wind .
A memorial for Kennedy and the Korean war,
I'm proud to be an American.
Unlike my children that were born into it,
I don't take it for granted.
I feel privileged,
a fire burning inside of me.  
We find a restaurant that won
the best clam chowder
twelve times in a row.
Everyone is chatting
while waiting.
My love is like a little boy
as he tastes his childhood
in fried clams.
He smiles and voices gratitude
that we can
and so many can't.
At that moment I love him all over again,
I love them,
I love him,
my moment complete.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby I'm The Lucky One

The rain dances outside,
while I dance with you.
The iPod shuffle lands
like a bee on a flower,
" Say you, Say Me."
I love Lionel Richie,
and when he sings,
" Say you, say me; say it for always "
our lips meet in a kiss.
I land on your chest,
in this moment I want it to be for always.
My tormented soul has found
a home.
Thoughts scattered and for a moment
our eyes drown in each other.
I want this to be for always,
till my dying day,
a refuge,
a celebration,
a revelation,
peace for always.
Merlot bottle is empty,
we smile.
Many moons ago we did not promise forever
only the moment.
We lived in the present,
we loved without holding back,
without regrets.
Small steps
building memories,
fire in our eyes,
fire in our soul.

This is dedicated to my husband Carl. Today is our anniversary. He is my best friend and my world. When we met I was a single mom raising my son on my own. Josh and I were very close and he was
my universe. Carl and Josh's relationship grew and we became a family. Carl has been a great 
dad to Josh. We were blessed to have another addition to our family when we had Daniel.
So amazing all the things that we have gone through together and I feel so lucky to have the love I have 
in my life.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Words I Had Forgotten

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

His Life

Eleven o'clock
rolls around.
I watched the digital clock
countless times,
as I folded laundry and made the bed.
He gets off the night shift depleted
and if he calls his voice is stuffed with fatigue.
He murmurs,
I can't understand
over the sounds of the city
coming through the phone.
Scattered words
about privacy laws,
and why he can't share information
about his patients.
I fish for details,
that never come.
Attempting to connect
the dots of his new life.
I walk on eggshells,
making small conversation,
when in reality I have so much to say.
I hold my breath,
because I no longer can fix his world.
I try to mend it but the world is cruel
in a way that even I can't understand
because he won't let me in.
He won't turn on the light,
guarding the wall,
sheltering his sick patients and
their lives.
My thoughts remain with him,
for my shift goes on,
all hours of every day and every night.

This is dedicated to my son. He moved to a new city and he is working crazy hours in the hospital. 
He sounds tired and he does not say much and  I worry about him and his girlfriend.
They are dedicated to what they do but it's so hard to watch from the sidelines
and not know the details of what they are going through. All we can do is
be there when they need us and give them love and encouragement .
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Best Friend

We climbed the stairs in Montmartre,
we climbed to see the white basilica 
on its summit.
From the glorious hill,
we watched the beauty of Paris.
History whispering tales,
charming streets,
that once were home to Monet,
Picasso, Dali, and Van Gogh.
We sat side by side at the outdoor cafe',
watching people pass by.
Talking about Dali's work,
that we had seen.
Sharing our thoughts on his genius and
his expression of the passage of time.
A couple sitting next to us,
shared a four course meal,
a bottle of wine their companion.
We watched as they played with their food
and each other.
We giggled,
the way we did when we were young girls.
A dog took a whiz near by
as we feasted on pasta and delicious bread.
Consumed by the moment
we took a deep breath.
Space and time have not 
changed our friendship,
2 A.M phone calls,
emotional breakdowns,
life and loss,
We shared it all.
An ocean apart,
holding each other's hand through life,
always sisters at heart. 

This is dedicated to my best friend Dorit. Even though we are an ocean apart we are always one phone call away. We've been friends since we are 11 years old. We have shared a lifetime together through good times and bad times. We are soul sisters.  Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.  
Also yesterday was my blog's two year anniversary. This has been an amazing journey, I have made some wonderful connections with talented and wonderful people. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and friendship.