Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Young Minds

Young minds,
I want to share my fears
and tears,
my bleeding heart,
my concern.
I want to listen to the rhythm
of your thoughts,
I want to absorb your feelings.
I do not wish to correct,
shut you down.
I wish to listen,
I wish to tune in.
I won't say that you are 
wrong because you see the world
in a different light.
I  want to embrace
your originality 
and young wisdom.
I want to embrace
your innocence and vulnerability.
Young minds you possess 
in dreams we have lost,
in battles we have abandoned,
in lives come undone.
Young minds,
we know
 we were in your shoes once.
Young minds
one small
or big lesson,
follow your hearts
so you don't lose your souls.  

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy 28th Birthday

I've been told that my face
lights up when I see you.
What they can not see is 
that my heart dances
and soars.
The sun seeped into my soul
the day you were born,
wrinkled skin,
ten fingers,
ten toes,
my spirit bloomed .
You smiled and 
touched my face,
I felt pure love and devotion. 
Time stood still,
as I held you,
my heart full.
We grew side by side,
 two peas in a pod,
Life was messy,
but I stood in the storm,
faced the dragons,
looked them in the eye,
and looked within my soul.
I nourished you with love,
I nourished you with books,
words danced between us.
The pages of our life filled
with wonder and discoveries.
Delightful things you said 
filled with wisdom and tenderness
as I listened in awe.
 You taught me forgiveness
and redemption.
I taught you that the world
was yours,
to listen to your heart 
and extend your gifts to the world.
Compassion and love,
one life,
one step at a time.
There was a time I carried you
in my arms,
your legs wrapped around my waist.
I carry you in my heart,
in every thought,
in every waking moment.
I love you forever my son.
My son's birthday is January 24th. He will be 28 which seems amazing to me. I had him when I was 24 so I feel like we grew up together. I raised him on my own until the age of 9 when I was blessed to find love and a man that raised my son as his own. Josh, Happy Birthday! we love you and we are so proud of the man and humanitarian that you are. May all your wishes come true. We wish you, Happiness, Love and Peace.
 Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My snow angel

You made snow angels
in the white soft snow.
The sun was honey colored,
like the color of my dreams.
The moments fleeting,
it was not lost on me.
I knew that these are magical moments
that will become a rarity,
because I gave you wings
to soar up high,
to fly,
to taste freedom and life.
I savored the hours,
through my dark glasses.
My soul rested,
the way we did in the lodge
up in the woods.
Snow was silent,
like my thoughts.
I left the worries behind
to elevate my soul,
to lay my weary heart
in a safe place.
I listened to the mountains
as the sun rose
 it brushed up
against them
 and fondled them.
I drank coffee in front of the fire 
I listened to the woods,
I listened to my spirit.
The tree is twinkling,
your baby ornaments wink 
attempting to make me smile.
My dreams came true,
you created a life
you soar like the stars,
This Christmas my heart will
miss you more than you'll ever know.

Our son Josh was not home for Christmas. It was the first time in 27 years, the first time since he was born. We were blessed to have him here for the New Year. I wrote this poem in December and now I am sharing it. Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Words on trees
pretending to be leaves,
swaying in the breeze,
floating in the universe.
words to live by.
I choose you to be
the one for me,
you whisper in my ear,
when I awaken from my sleep.
I hear your voice
in my dreams.
I have walked with you,
through our long journey.
You found me in a dark place,
and you lifted me,
you pulled thorns out of my soul.
We choose words,
to walk with them,
a word to define the year.
A new day,
a new page,
we slice to pieces,
to savor,
to squander away.
We choose a word to stuff
into the pockets of our hearts,
to fly on the wings of our spirit.
you are my constant companion.
I whisper your
name a thousand times.
I dance with you in the rain,
you embrace me when I weep.
You are simple and complicated,
you are fear, you are love.
You are tears, you are laughter.
I carry you as
you carry me.
My word for this year is gratitude. Gratitude is my companion. I selected it last year as well. This is a poem I wrote then.