Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I want to wish all of you
 Peace and Light
Love and Happiness.
All the best for 2014.
Thank you for all the love and support
you give and share with me all year.
My gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Thirteenth Daniel

Cinnamon the bear
lay on my bed
where you left him to shelter me
and keep me company
while I was sick.
He was wearing his yellow and white bowtie
which made me think of springtime 
and how you love me 
like the stars that map the sky
and the moon that peeks through your window
playing hide and seek,
like the night light when you were small
and proudly you said the word moon
for the first time.
Your golden locks were soft
and your sweet smile
seeped into my heart
while I welcomed your spirit.
Now you are older
you read my words
and you understand
as you find love in my poetry
and in between the lines
all the while listening to my heart.
It seems like yesterday,
it seems like long ago
when you entered my world,
your eyes alert
with a twinkle like no other. 
I love your laughter,
I love that you ponder 
the big questions of life
and the small ones.
I love that you are a boy that thinks
about heaven
and if we go there
and the meaning of our existence.
At the same time
I love
 that you explore
 how fast to solve
the Rubik's cube
 and that
you design virtual worlds.
I love your conversation and animation.
I love that you are gentle and kind
and that you reside in an old soul.
I love your vocab and grammer,
enthusiasm and wonder.
I love that you are proper
and that you savor life while
you soak it all in.
You are my light,
my inspiration,
I love you forevermore.

My sweet Daniel, I can't believe that you are thirteen today. From the moment you were born we felt so blessed and lucky. Every step of the way has been amazing, from you being wrapped like a taco in your blanket smiling right away to growing into an incredible young man. You make us laugh every day with your wit and sense of humor. We love you with all our hearts and wish you the best in life.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

She will be on the moon

If you love the poet,
you must read her words
so you can feel her soul
and listen to her heart.
You will find her on the moon,
dangling on a vine
smelling roses
and chasing butterflies.
You must know her love is true
and her passion is fierce.
Her gypsy eyes will
tell you all  that you need to know.
She will write poetry on your skin
and cradle you through the night.
She has made amends
and created dreams.
She has flowers blooming in her
and wisdom seeds she keeps
in her soul from all the pain and joy.
When you love the poet
you must read her words
so you can touch her soul
and capture her heart. 

A fun write after weeks of writing about heavy and important things. Questions I ponder on
after feeling all the pain of family, friends and strangers and feeling it in my heart. Also the last few weeks worried about my health I am grateful to say that the blood work came back good. The doctor said that we will need to run additional blood work if I get worse again. Thank you for all the messages and kind words, it truly lifted my spirits. I felt the love . Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Butterflies are free

I drove past the road sign
to Butterfly World,
for a moment I wished
that I could go there,
sit in the garden and 
let the butterflies hover and
land on me.
The butterflies in my head,
are colorful like the words
I write in my sleep
and like the life I have lived.
My dreams,
a place that I find peace,
where all the fragments of my life melt.
The white walls speak volumes,
our eyes interlock and I know
the he senses the fear
of the small bumps 
in my neck that invaded several weeks ago.
They are unassuming
but they grow in my mind every day.
I tell myself that I don't care
that they may steal my joy
but I do because I have
brown eyed boys that love me,
that need me,
that think of me as the glue
to their world.
I listen to the doctor's voice
filled with calm and
my thoughts quiet and become silent,
tuning in to capture every word.
His stature,
his concern,
remind me of my boy.
I think of his mother
and the pride she must feel.
The same pride I feel for mine,
sharing his compassion,
saving lives.
When I leave I want to go sit
with the butterflies and
watch them flying free 
or not.  

The last few weeks my mind has been preoccupied with these bumps that appeared on my neck and I was feeling low energy and headaches. I had my MRI the other day and thankfully it came back normal. I am now waiting on blood work results.I am feeling better and so grateful for that.
Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Questions

He died on a summer day,
when I heard my thoughts wandered
to his loved ones walking into 
their nightmare.
Pain saturating,
holding them frozen in time.
I wept for him
and I wept for them.
I asked questions about life
and life's meaning.
Questions that may have answers 
when I cross the road,
mud on my boots and
love in my heart.
I will be the river that
flows into the ocean,
I will be the bird that glides
above the clouds.
I will be patient,
the answers will be on the shore
 that I reach,
on the mountain I climb.
The questions won't have answers
until death.
In death I will drink the wisdom 
and savor the knowledge.
I will understand the life
that I had departed.
The questions will be the sunrise,
the answers the sunset. 

Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gratitude Of A Wounded Soul

A wounded soul
has danced a thousand tangos,
in ballrooms under the stars
and in gutters under an
orange and crimson sky.
A wounded soul
has wept a thousand tears
swords and spears
punctured and pierced
it's spirit,
it has nursed cuts 
and healed scars
along the way.
A wounded soul is kind
from surviving the battle.
A wounded soul comes from
a  place where sorrow lived.
It does not know fear for itself
but it feels it for others.
It knows hunger and pain,
solitude and abandonment.
It knows forgiveness 
and loss in an intimate way.
A wounded soul sees beauty,
and possess it deep within.
A wounded soul knows gratitude,
bleeding while gasping for a 
breath of air.
A wounded soul knows gratitude
for the sacred moments of love
and ordinary magic.
A wounded soul does not search
for purpose,
it has one.
A wounded soul does not 
let strangers define it,
it follows it's 
inner compass,
with grace
 and glory.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Wish

The vultures stood tall
on the clock tower,
looking ominous on
that gray rainy day.
I wondered who had
they come for.
Had they come for me,
was it time for
confession and redemption. 
Was it time for the soul
to be naked and exposed.
I'm not afraid to die,
there's an army of angels
waiting for me,
holding lanterns in the dark,
shining a light through the path
of eternity.
I'm not afraid to die,
but I am afraid to leave you.
I'm afraid your soul
will saturate
with pain
and that your laughter will cease.
I fear that my arms
won't stretch long enough
for you to feel my embrace.
I fear that you would think 
I left you,
that I failed you.
I'm not afraid to die,
but I fear that no one
will love you the way I do.
  I wish for you to live,
I ask you to inhale the universe
and be one with it.
Peel the layers of life
and taste the sweet nectar. 
Skip through the stars
and rejoice in every small miracle
that disguises itself as ordinary.
Awaken your senses
and open your heart,
that is what I wish for you
my love.

This poem is dedicated to my boys. (yes, you too babe)
Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Grace is found in the ocean
on waves full of purpose and intention,
waves that linger like an old memory
leaving salt on our skin.
Grace is found in confinement,
when light dances through shadows
and hope drifts through the walls.
Grace is found when you've lost 
your way in the universe and
you find a lighthouse to guide your way.
Grace is found in nursing a bird with a broken
wing and watching it as it flies away.
Grace is found in a wildflower
blooming on the side of a majestic mountain.
Grace is found in holding the hand of someone 
you love while they take their last breath.
Grace is found in giving your heart completely
without reservation or hesitation.
Grace is found in the taste of coffee
when migraine robs you of your sleep
and you are grateful
that you did not die 
while fighting the battles of life
when you thought you were invincible .
 You wrestled with demons,
while you were hungry to live
in the moment.
You learned hard lessons 
when your hand was in the fire,
in the burn you
found truth,
you found courage,
you found grace.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Angel

The morning after Halloween ,
the leaves were scattered
on the ground,
the air was crisp,
the sky was a glorious blue.
I caught a glimpse
of Bella,
My heart stopped for a moment,
my thoughts caught up .
The beautiful Shorthaired Pointer,
walked with grace,
and beauty.
My heart longed for 
you Angel.
Your brown eyes filled with 
promise and pure love.
Your floppy ears swung
as you chased lizards and butterflies.
You ran in the fields,
you danced,
you looked for the light in our eyes
and you listened to our tender words.
You swam on endless summer days,
the sound of cicadas in the air,
you watched the fish swim by.
Our heart full of your memory
the life we shared.
Forever you will be remembered
and loved.

Our dear German Shorthaired Pointer passed away on February 2010. She was an amazing dog and a part of our family. I wrote this poem after seeing Bella, a neighborhood dog. Every time I see her my heart stops for a second because for that second I think it's Angel. Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Am Enough

The light does not wish to be 
The Finch does not wish to be 
an Eagle.
The thorn does not ask to
be the rose.
The sunrise does not wish to be
the sunset.
The lake does not wish to be
 an ocean.
The sun does not wish to be the
Neither do I wish to be anyone

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Soul Gentler

I wake up my soul gentler,
my thoughts clearer,
my heart seeking the balance
of dark and light.
I wake up my soul gentler,
her voice echos in my head,
her eyes wounded,
her daughter on drugs,
she is raising her child.
I wake up my soul gentler,
a friend weeps,
placed in the middle like a
ping pong ball
between her son
and the man she loves.
I wake up my soul gentler,
another friend her daughter
fighting for her life.
A sister fighting for her brother,
a victim of a hit and run accident.
I wake up my soul gentler,
I lost another friend to cancer.
Fragments of his life
carried by those he loved,
hope floats through the room
when he is remembered.
I wake up my soul gentler,
the stories change my vision,
change my day,
transform my being. 
It's been a long week . Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

9/11 Memorial

I stand silent,
a single tear rolls down my face.
My hand touches the bronze plates,
names inscribed.
My mind is silent,
my thoughts drowning as the
waterfalls cascade down.
A storm brewing within,
the tears are flowing.
An ache I buried,
rising to the surface.
The wound oozes,
it bleeds,
the sun is shinning,
the wind on my face,
neither comforts me
nor ease my sorrow.
Stories told by loved ones,
about loss,
of lives gone too soon.
They will be remembered 
their faces, and smiles,
their birthdays
and the moments that 
made up their lives.
I want to search for your name,
but I am told that I'll never find you.
I glance down,
and there you are.
We never met,
but I was told you were
 a gentle soul,
a hero,
a son,
a brother,
an uncle,
a boyfriend
a friend.
You were so many things to
so many people.
Your name inscribed,
among your friends.
I stand silent
drowning in the moment,
closing my eyes and feeling the pain

Sunday we were at the 9/11 Memorial in N.Y.C. I felt honored to be there and to pay our respects. So may lives lost. So many lives gone too soon. I felt an ache that's hard to express. Here is the link to it A friend of mine lost her brother in-law that day, he was a firefighter and a hero. I was so happy to be able to find his name and share it with my friend. The first few weeks of 9/11 we watched all the reports and stories and we felt devastated. I wrote this poem on my flight home. I was grateful that I could share this with my son Daniel. He was a baby when this happened. Please meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dare To Dream

A green notebook 
I bought in the Harvard bookstore.
A notebook filled with words
of triumph and despair,
of highs and lows,
of salvation and redemption.
 I didn't dare to dream,
 to study in a beautiful
with beautiful
 and manicured lawns that
I could rest my weary head on .
I didn't think I was good enough
or brave enough.
I was told that I was beautiful
more often than
I was told that I was smart.
I didn't dare to dream for me
but I did dream it for you
I dreamt the sky was the limit and you
would sparkle in the universe
you would learn
and you would
My little boy
you held a beating heart in your hand
you saved a life today,
and yesterday .
You shine when you speak
your actions filled with
even when you are tired and weary
you find the strength to help someone.
You don't seek recognition
or merit
your reward is
 the fulfillment you feel within.
I didn't dare to dream 
for me
but I dared to dream for you.  

This morning I read Author Dani Shapiro's post which resonated with me about the things that we dare to dream for ourselves.  The things that we fear and the things that we learn along the way. Her thought process is something that I am familiar with because I was raised with the same thought process myself. Her conversation with her fourteen year old son and her words about having tough feelings, we all had them and we all met someone who experienced them. Those of you that read my poetry know that I am a big believer in learning from our scars and evolving as we grow through this life. I thought about my son Josh and how no dream was too big when I thought of him. (as well as my son Daniel) I knew he had a great heart and a great mind. As a doctor in an  Emergency Room in Boston, I am so proud that his life is about helping people and saving people . I've had an interesting life, with many lessons learned but I never dared to dream for myself what I dream for my children. Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love Finds The Way

Love finds a way
across a room,
across railroad tracks.
Love finds a way
despite religion or 
conventional lines
and ideas.
Love finds a way through 
through obstacles.
Love needs no explanation,
the heart wants,
the soul desires.
I will always find my shelter in your eyes,
I will find solace in your arms,
I will feel the passion rising when
I hear your voice.
Our love is not a fairytale,
it is a love story.
Our love is not a river
but an ocean.
Our love is not a branch,
but a root of an old oak tree.
We weather the storms,
we dance in the rain,
our love always finds the way.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not Chasing Yesterday

I am standing still
in the moment.
I'm not chasing my youth,
I left it behind me.
I savor today,
I carry a lantern to light
my way through the walls
of my heart.
I possess a childish enthusiasm,
even though the road was rough
my sense of wonder
may be tainted but
 not diminished or broken.
The light in my eyes
at times filled
with darkness.
 I remember pieces
of my childhood,
laughter and sadness.
A pin an astronaut gave me when I was six,
songs I sang with dad on a worn out tape,
books holding secrets,
poems I wrote as a little girl,
in colorful dog eared notebooks.
Dots on a map of a life
 well lived.
I have savored sweetness,
and swam in melancholy,
I have climbed over
walls that imprisoned me,
I have confronted what was expected
of me
and chose my own path,
my own way.
I chewed those moments
without regret.
I don't want yesterday's
I don't wish to recycle my dreams.
I have grown,
I'm not chasing yesterday,
I am living today.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Patron Shots With My Brother

Patron shots,
with you ,
Our road smooth and rough
our journey sweet and sour
when did we get so old ?
It seems like yesterday
we were erecting tents out of sheets
playing cowboys that
we loved to watch in 
the town theatre.
We found refuge from the heat
and delighted in the smell 
of fresh popcorn.
You resented the little
tag along sister
that looked up to you. 
Here we are
we have lived,
we loved,
and we lost our parents
we walked through
grief and pain.
Yesterday is present,
a soundtrack of our life,
a loving home,
with treasured memories.
A life not perfect,
but a life well lived.
Patron shots
to celebrate your birthday
to celebrate our life
magical yesterdays
that will live forever
in our hearts.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Know You

I know you
like the first sentence in a 
poem I walk into.
I know you like a wave in the ocean
washing over me,
like the wind in my hair,
like mom's baking.
 I know you
like the breath I inhale,
like a song I hum,
like the sand in my feet,
like a dream I had
dreamt last night .
I know you,
like Sunday ,
like sunrise on vacation,
like the taste of my childhood.
I know you,
like coming home,
like rolling in the mud,
like banana ice cream,
like lemon,
My love fierce,
my love eternal,
my love yours

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Murky Waters

Confessions of the soul
take place on dark alleyways,
and on sunny open fields
of green.
If I open my heart
would you still love me ?
The past resides within,
it is my companion.
Will you still throw bouquets 
at my feet,
and give me accolades.
 Would you deem me insane
for wanting to die.
Would you deem me insane
for wanting to live
without regrets,
with unbridled abandon
for loving without boundaries,
for fighting a battle I could not win.
I threw myself into murky waters
without knowing how to swim.
I learned lessons while
I was drowning.
Confessions of the soul,
we carry them like fragile threads
that comes undone.
The anchor within releases
we let them fly one by one,
we find ourselves free. 

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letters To Heaven


In the moonlight
I write letters to heaven.
The wind whispers ,
my hair tangled and free
my eyes wide open.
Letters to heaven,
poems stuffed with love,
slices of my soul.
I leave a trail on the sand,
I draw on orange withered leaves.
On nights the stars cast a
light on my backyard.
You can find bold letters,
left for you to gaze from up above.
I love you,
thank you,
you are forever in my heart.

Yesterday was four years since my mom passed away. I think of her every day. I think of her watching 
from above. Our son got engaged this weekend to a wonderful girl that we love. We were excited and happy. I know how much my parents would have rejoiced in this and I wish they could have been here.
Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Past

Ice cube under my tongue,
I close my eyes
not to savor
but to remember.
Ice cubes filled my belly,
drowning the sound of hunger.
thoughts unraveled
like threads undone.
Shackled by yesterday
a prisoner of the past.
Searing pain,
I close my eyes to remember.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Ceiling

We float through clouds
red crimson sunrise 
heavenly sunsets.
Cobalt waters,
budding green fields,
we are consumed by the magic.
We lie on the floor,
our senses sweeping us away,
like waves in the ocean.
Childlike we float even though
our feet are grounded.
We feel the butterflies of our soul
take flight,
inspired by beauty and grace.

Last week on our trip to Seattle we were amazed at the Dale Chihuly Museum which took our breath away.
My son and I were on the floor taking in the Persian Ceiling which was simply gorgeous. 
Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Honeysuckle Summer

Love poems tucked away 
in your tackle box.
Love poems engraved on your skin.
At dawn the house exhales,
as I inhale your breath.
You walk through fire with me,
you dance through the storm with me.
You give me honeysuckle in an empty
Coca Cola bottle,
just like that summer in the Hamptons
long ago.
You whispered tales
and secrets of your childhood
enchanted summers.
I marveled at the stained glass windows
on the charming little church down the road,
by the graveyard.
The sun nurtured us
and caressed our bare skin
and yellow flowers in
an empty soda can
were a gift I treasured
because you loved me.

Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I hold you 
and wish your tears away
like a flock of birds flying away.
My desire to wash your pain
is ambitious and unreasonable,
but it is my desire,
even for a moment
or an hour.
I want to hold fireflies in my palm,
so you could smile,
let them play hide and seek with you,
let you dream.
I want your wounded heart to heal
and find solace.
Like a flower 
let your petals of sorrow
shed into the wind.
Let the wind carry it
far away from you.
Let the seed of hope 
grow in your heart again.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The trees whisper in the woods,
dancing to the sound of the wind.
The sun rose holding secrets
of the night.
My thoughts once raging,
left diluted by sadness.
Why do we have to lose
someone we love,
to celebrate our life,
to savor the days
and feel the joy in the simple and mundane.
We weather the storm
and extract wisdom 
from the lesson learned.
Why do we have to feel depleted
before we discover life again
and all it's wonder.
The wine glass half consumed,
winks back.
Life is not perfect,
life is not a Hallmark card.
Sometimes life is fought in trenches,
lines are blurred,
with sorrow comes rediscovery,
questions unanswered.
Slowly we sip the
other half.  

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments for Jacob and his family. I appreciate each and every one. Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Your spirit will live in the woods,
running wild and free.
Your spirit will dance through 
the Sequoia trees.
Your spirit will shine
brightest among the stars.
Your spirit will frolic in
the waves of the ocean.
Your spirit will live in
the house you dwelt in
with your soul mate.
Your spirit will live in your daughters eyes.
Your spirit will live in green vineyards
under a turquoise sky.
Your spirit will live in vibrant
flowers blooming in the spring.
Your spirit will live in
everyone you touched,
your soul soaring high.
Goodbye my friend,
until we meet again.

My cousin Jacob passed away Saturday at 5 A.M.  Many of you sent prayers when I first posted this poem He was a warrior that fought his battle bravely. He was a wonderful human being, a great husband and father. He touched people with his spirit and everyone gravitated toward his kindness and the light in his eyes. Our hearts ache for Rena, Dalia, and Stephanie, his wife and his daughters. Our hearts ache that he left all of us. He will forever be in our hearts.
May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Kernels of wisdom
to chew or spit.
We die a little every day
I tell you.
The migraine invades the night
and robs me of my sleep.
New York is waiting,
a carriage ride in Central park,
a sandwich at the deli,
cheesecake at the Plaza.
I choose not to linger in thoughts 
of tomorrow,
getting old,
I want to soak in today
Tomorrow is not promised,
fragments of us,
half conversations.
Words withheld,
dreams I must contain
while my soul longs 
for the moment.
Abandon my words,
abandon my wishes.
I turn the light on within,
the moths of my soul linger feasting.
Unclutter my mind,
drink from my well,
captivated by the light
and this dance called life.
Squeeze the nectar,
tomorrow may never come.

I celebrated my birthday Sunday and I wrote this one night at 4 A.M while a migraine kept me company. Today is also my three year blog anniversary. 
Three years ago today I began "A Sun Kissed Life". I was broken after losing both my parents. This blog brought me salvation and took me on a journey that I never imagined possible. I found a community of thinkers, poets, bloggers, writers that have become friends. Their words and support shined a light inside me. Thousands of comments later, I feel blessed and I want to say, "thank you" . I wanted to quit a couple of times and your support and love carried me to a better place. I will always be grateful.
Thank you.
Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Rant

A penny for your thoughts,
a dime for your poem,
what are we all searching for?
A pedestal to stand on,
a mention,
a comment,
or to leave a mark on this world?
To scatter our thoughts which
we claim to be true,
wisdom learned from
pain and living.
We all learned a lesson
or two,
perhaps several lessons.
We have been there at one time or another,
lied to,
cheated on,
We are all connected,
I feel your pain,
sharp on my skin.
This is not my war,
but I have fought other battles,
and if this gate is open
I will run towards you.
I will lift you 
with a kind word,
a smile that warms you,
I will scatter sunshine
 on your cloudy days.
I will let distress and bitterness
I want to save one soul,
one life,
one dream,

Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I placed you on the shelf,
in a wooden box
to lie and rest.
"Shh," I said,
"don't whisper in my ear."
I am sad and disillusioned,
I've been beaten and 
I no longer want to tend to 
your garden,
nor laugh with you,
or carry you in my soul.
Do not wake me
from my sleep to unfold beauty 
at my feet.
I have locked my doors and windows,
to keep you outside,
wash you in the rain,
bake you in the sun.
I tell you that
I won't dance with you,
and then
 I watch the crimson sun,
I feel you breathing on my skin
and I let you back in. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Your fears melted like snow,
you confessed
 your father's sins
knowing they were not yours 
to absolve.
His sins were not your 
burden to carry.
You held your head high
and marched into the world.
I had wished that I 
possessed your courage,
I wished that I was brave like you.
You let out the secrets,
ripples in the pond of life,
scattered like confetti in the wind,
pieces of our life.
Vulnerable you ignored,
the judgement of others,
you gave me strength to blossom,
wings to carry me home,
you made my burden lighter.
I watched your courage,
and I knew then,
that the fears were never yours
but mine. 
Join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.    

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Gift

The walls are sea foam green ,
like small paint swatches at Home Depot,
unlike serene green fields.
I smell fear,
my own
and of others in this waiting room.
results , 
lucky ones and not so lucky.
Will life become a battle or
another day to take for granted
after we forget sitting on this edge.
I hand over the red Target Visa card,
gladly paying the out of network fee.
In a corner I sit and watch,
finally sinking my head to the phone.
I drift
 thinking of you,
will you remember me 
by the sink washing grapes plump
and delicious for you to savor?
Will you remember our bedtime 
when I showered you with kisses
and I told you that I love you from
here to the moon and back?
Will you remember my laughter when
you would tell me jokes ?
Will you remember all the things that
make up our life?
I hope that you remember that
my love will carry you always
through dark and light days,
that I will live on in your heart,

Thankfully, I am okay. But while I was sitting nervous waiting to see the specialist my doctor sent me to after having a mammogram and ultrasound I started writing this poem. Having a little scare puts things in perspective.I am blessed to have good news. My thoughts wandered to everyone else in the waiting room. I 
wish them health. Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On This Day

I love
 loud jovial voices
carried on the waters in the bay
on a summer day.
When the sun is caressing our bare skin
and the light is dancing in a festive celebration.
In those moments 
I don't question life,
or life's meaning.
In those moments
I feel it in my core,
I watch smiling children
and I laugh as they play
with dogs with sweet faces.
I know the meaning of life,
I may question it on another day,
I may ponder,
but not on this day.
I taste salt on my lover's skin
and I ache for more.
I breathe in the ocean air.
This makes me feel alive,
I know I have arrived to my destination.
The hunger in my soul,
moans less,
because I feel a little fuller.

Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love Is Simple

Loving you is simple
like opening my eyes 
no thought invested,
only instinct.
Love is my religion
my rock,
 my roots.
Loving you is simple
like following the smell of  baked cookies
and the stars on a dark night.
Loving you is easy
even on days I question the sanity of it
even on days when my soul is defiant
and seeks to be free
but never of you.
Loving you,
it's a hunger that must be fed
it's a road I must travel on
it's a light that shows me the way.
Loving you 
brings me home
makes me better
Lets me dream. 

Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.