Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Wild Love

I have wild love for the universe,
the blades of grass under my feet,
the owl whose glance I meet.
I have wild love for the light that dances
through my window
and enters a place beyond the darkness
of my closed eyelids.
A place that touches my soul
and makes my heart beat faster.
I have wild love for the thirst
that is the rhythm in which I live in this world,
my wings like the hawk’s,
always seeking more.
A student of the earth,
a traveler in this universe,
my heart open,
expanding my circle,
expanding my breath,
pursuing a place of peace.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


The blow was thunderous,
landing on the right side 
of my head ferociously.
His fist heavy,
his aim direct,
my head swaying
like a seesaw on
a stormy day. 
A tremor,
a quake,
shifting the balance of life.
The right hemisphere
in a fog,
in oblivion of
words drifting,
poetry fading,
Baby weeping,
walls shaking,
tears falling,
television sounds in the distance.
Did I blame myself,
for raising my voice?
When he assaulted boundaries drawn?
My eyes raging,
my eyes bulging, 
Baby weeping,
walls shaking,
tears falling,
television sounds in the distance.
Did I blame myself for his anger?
His abandonment?
His isolation?
I fell from the clouds 
into unfamiliar darkness.
Baby weeping,
walls shaking,
tears falling,
television sounds in the distance.
Did I blame myself?
I did.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Nine Years

On this day nine years ago, I began to blog at a sun kissed life. It was a journey that led me to a strong connection with an online blogging community, a poets community and friendships that have grown and lasted to this day. The blog afforded me the opportunity to share my passion with others, to be vulnerable and to grow. I excavated the past and I allowed it to float to the surface. I walked unhinged and honored the grief of the loss of both my parents. It was a journey of a mother of two boys, one a man and one a child and finally a journey of becoming a grandmother to a delicious little boy named Aiden, that most of you know through my poetry.
Nine years of self reflection, connection, dreams that I had forgotten to dream for myself. This year my book, Second Chances entered the world. The book is a reminder that it’s never too late to dream. The book is a reminder that there are second chances and we can change our narratives. We can show up for our grief, we can be brave through our shame, we can change and become a better version of ourselves. The book is not a pat on the back for a job well done, it is exactly the opposite. It is about thanking everyone that has been a part of my life, my tribe of friends that show up with their love and support. It’s about family and those friends that we choose as family because of the connection and love that we share. Love is everything. Kindness is everything. I shall always remember that.