Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Fourth Floor

Grandma lived on the fourth floor,
but you would never know it.
A jungle of 
plants adorning her terrace,
serenity would wash over us when we 
were small.
We could see the zoo from the terrace,
spy on the giraffes,
the smell would rise above on windy days.
That was before developers came in and bought the land.
I missed the zoo when it closed down,
the feeling I was in a far away place,
even though I was caged in the city.
Grandma had open arms,
and an open heart.
Her kitchen abundant with food,
cooked with love.
She was sunny,
and colorful like the beads she wore.
Her eyes blue as the ocean,
her strength deep,
but silent.
She had wisdom that was not taught in books,
but life. 
Grandma smiled with kindness as 
she offered casata ice cream,
three flavors living side by side,
in a box of wonder.
Her eyes would sparkle,
as we tasted the sweetness. 
She had endured war and loss,
pain unimaginable.
Yet, she found the way,
her days unfolding,
her days filled with simple gratitude ,
Her ways taught us,
about love and family,
about dignity,
and survival.
Grandma lived on the fourth floor,
you would never know it because
it was a world of it's own. 

Dedicated to my grandmother Dora. She was an amazing woman that survived the war. Her parents were murdered and she had to go on and struggle through the war with two small children. She was a survivor and
she had grace and dignity. She worked hard all her life and she was all about family and her children. I appreciate now her quiet strength, the older I get the more I understand. Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

True To Myself

Grief tastes like bitter tea leaves,
floating in sewer water.
Grief tastes like limoncello 
I drank when my dad died.
In my head,
silence is loud,
In my head,
noise is silent,
This invisible bubble between us,
I don't want to swim in these waters filled with misery.
To be honest being grateful does not make this
task easier,
I am human and I am flawed,
I need to feel the storm sweeping 
me away inside my head,
leaving an imprint on my soul.
I need to stand still and acknowledge
it and welcome it,
I need to feel.
I do not mean to cause you more pain,
I do not mean to linger,
I just need to be true to myself.
I remember when my mom was sick,
and dying,
I came to you depleted, 
you held me,
our eyes interlocked,
I inhaled your breath as you inhaled my sorrow.
We've been here before,
this part of life,
facing that we have no control.
Life fragile,
pain is pain,
and there is no sequel.
I do not mean to cause you any pain,
I do not mean to linger,
I just need to be true to myself.

Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Forever Daisy

By the gates of heaven you'll wait
for me,
wagging your tail in delight,
howling to greet me and I will smile.
By the gates of heaven you'll wait 
for me,
the way you waited every day 
for me to return home,
celebrating my arrival ,
your happiness innocent and unbridled. 
I see you in every corner,
in every step I walk alone.
I celebrate sun kissed days
we had,
a life shared,
sweet memories that live in my heart.
By the gates of heaven,
I will lay down beside you,
and roll with you among the clouds.
I will hold you,
the way I held you in my arms today
when we said goodbye.
Until then,
swim in aquamarine pools,
run in sunflower fields
chasing lizards and butterflies.
Run through the fields of heaven,
until we meet once again.
Our beloved Daisy passed away yesterday. We thought she was going in for surgery to pull an infected tooth. The infection was a symptom of Leukemia. From Saturday to Monday morning the vet saw a major decline. He said the right thing to do is to let her go. Sadly and devastated we said goodbye. My husband and I held her in our arms. She was a part of our family. She brought us so much happiness . We will miss her and she will live in our hearts forever. So many have come here and left comments how she made them smile. That's the way she made us smile every day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We die slowly every day,
we juggle our days,
spinning hours away,
moments of epiphany,
moments of despair,
on autopilot.
Hours laced with routine
and responsibilities,
while we bury our desires.
Dentist appointments,
grocery shopping,
I hunt for a tomato,
I smell one and then another,
until I smell the sweet scent.
I close my eyes and wonder.
We juggle while we wish to save the world,
save the dolphins,
save the oceans,
save ourselves.
We die a little more,
holes in our hearts,
emptiness we cannot fill,
band aids to social issues we can't solve.
We strive to save the world,
while we die a little more.
The game room at the pediatric dentist office
diverts the children with electronic games.
Mothers on their iPhone,
distracted while paying one hundred sixty dollars
for teeth cleaning,
while five miles away there are
children that come to school with empty bellies.
Hungry for the free lunch that will sustain them
for another day.
We die a little everyday.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Small Bites

The city is buzzing,
a man wearing a hat walks by with his dog.
A little boy and his grandma find shade
under a tree in front of the Modern Museum of Art.
An ambulance screaming,
the city boisterous while I take it in,
poetic colorful streets.
I found serenity at the outside garden cafe,
at the museum,
while nursing a Diet Coke,
and dark chocolate ice cream,
calling the people I love.
While my boy is sleeping recovering
from the night shift.
I wait to cook for him,
a home made meal, 
made with love,
and embrace him and his overgrown beard.
I escaped for a moment,
I don't want to wait for my dreams,
I want to live them in
small delicious bites.
A night earlier at Fenway Park,
Americana at it's best,
The Red Sox vs. The Yankees,
on a hot September night.
We reminisce about baseball games,
we went to when he was a child.
I laugh because my heart is full.
I laugh because my boy has grown
into a fine man. 

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