Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


the wind has seeped inside my heart.
The memories drift in and out.
I hear your voice,
inside my head.
There's an ache inside my soul,
the scar is open,
it's bleeding.
I long for you.
I miss home,
walking through the door
into peace and chaos at the same time.
Mom would welcome me with an embrace
and dad's eyes would twinkle with love.
The smell of baking,
the smell of holiday cooking,
stuffed in my senses,
all the smells of my life.
The memorial candles are lit tonight,
as I whisper words of love.
In my dreams your wings carry me,
to you,
when I awaken I try to scatter seeds of happiness.


  1. smiles...i think one of your seeds just hit me...this gave me big smiles...i love smells and how they ring heavy with memories...i understand the longing for home as well...

  2. This is a beautiful tribute, Ayala. I'm impressed with your daily poetry. That's not easy to pull off!

  3. Thank you, Brian....smiles to you..smells evoke such powerful memories..the longing is sometimes hard...

  4. Thank you, Caroline. :) That's kind of you to say.

  5. Searing and poignant, Ayala. The ache can be comforting...

  6. Belinda, the ache can be....true...

  7. Hi Leslie,
    Hope all is well with you :)