Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The One For Me

You live,
you love,
with passion in your veins.
A man with a boy's heart,
you delight in hermit crabs,
finding a school of bait.
You cast a net like a matador,
in a bullfight.
Your arms strong,
your lines flowing.
I love the fire in your eyes,
those eyes know me,
the way they know the tides.
Your hands know me,
the way they know a tug of a Marlin or a shark.
When the Marlin dances,
there is wonder in your eyes.
The way your eyes shine
when I wrap myself around you
and melt into you.
You live,
you love,
you create art and beauty
from the moments of our life.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rachel's Story

The snow never melted that winter,
it didn't fall like powder.
It was harsh and unforgiving,
the way the days were.
Death was a companion,
stench was in the air.
The enemy left them to
freeze and die.
Five year old Rachel,
sat by the window.
The train brought them here,
like cattle.
The train brought them here to die.
Their lives left behind,
home a faint warm memory.
Rachel sat by the window,
she wondered if God had abandoned them.
She listened to news of others
freezing to death.
Their clothes traded for a bowl of food,
to survive another day,
to watch another sunrise.
The days bleak,
bitter cold.
Rachel watched every day a carriage
of dead bodies pass her by.
She didn't cry,
her heart pounding,
her mind racing.
Memories that she would carry
all her life.

I spent today with my aunt, she wanted to share some memories of the holocaust so I can write her story someday. My head and heart ache when I think of some of the things that my dad and her went through as children. This is for my aunt and for all the children of the holocaust. Please meet us here,  where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rome Forever

you seduced me
at your gates.
Your outstretched arms embraced me.
I drank your beauty as I dipped in your fountains,
your taste lingered on my lips,
and in my being.
Your eyelashes caressed me,
your eyes followed me as I walked
down cobbled streets,
delighting in the moment.
Long ago, Da Vinci,
have stood here.
The wind lifted my white skirt,
and kissed my bruises.
My knees weak to your beauty.
When I fell asleep you sang me a lullaby,
I can hear it still,
calling my name from far away,
waiting for the day I return.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Innocent Lies

Love leads you to build him up
like a high rise,
build him up and watch him through
rose colored glasses.
Romance reality,
romance the truth.
 Your hope an abandoned street,
disappointment awaits like sewer overflow,
like cold sweat in your sleep.
Build him up,
believe the change will come.
The roots to the foundation frail,
 will crumble like dominoes.
Believe that you are the one
that will change him and save his soul.
Believe and he will lurk in
and steal your soul when you're not watching.
They say a leopard doesn't change its spots.
Find a new path,
the torn sidewalk will scar your feet.
Find a new path, embrace reality,
walk through a new dream.

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