Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I placed you on the shelf,
in a wooden box
to lie and rest.
"Shh," I said,
"don't whisper in my ear."
I am sad and disillusioned,
I've been beaten and 
I no longer want to tend to 
your garden,
nor laugh with you,
or carry you in my soul.
Do not wake me
from my sleep to unfold beauty 
at my feet.
I have locked my doors and windows,
to keep you outside,
wash you in the rain,
bake you in the sun.
I tell you that
I won't dance with you,
and then
 I watch the crimson sun,
I feel you breathing on my skin
and I let you back in. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Your fears melted like snow,
you confessed
 your father's sins
knowing they were not yours 
to absolve.
His sins were not your 
burden to carry.
You held your head high
and marched into the world.
I had wished that I 
possessed your courage,
I wished that I was brave like you.
You let out the secrets,
ripples in the pond of life,
scattered like confetti in the wind,
pieces of our life.
Vulnerable you ignored,
the judgement of others,
you gave me strength to blossom,
wings to carry me home,
you made my burden lighter.
I watched your courage,
and I knew then,
that the fears were never yours
but mine. 
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Gift

The walls are sea foam green ,
like small paint swatches at Home Depot,
unlike serene green fields.
I smell fear,
my own
and of others in this waiting room.
results , 
lucky ones and not so lucky.
Will life become a battle or
another day to take for granted
after we forget sitting on this edge.
I hand over the red Target Visa card,
gladly paying the out of network fee.
In a corner I sit and watch,
finally sinking my head to the phone.
I drift
 thinking of you,
will you remember me 
by the sink washing grapes plump
and delicious for you to savor?
Will you remember our bedtime 
when I showered you with kisses
and I told you that I love you from
here to the moon and back?
Will you remember my laughter when
you would tell me jokes ?
Will you remember all the things that
make up our life?
I hope that you remember that
my love will carry you always
through dark and light days,
that I will live on in your heart,

Thankfully, I am okay. But while I was sitting nervous waiting to see the specialist my doctor sent me to after having a mammogram and ultrasound I started writing this poem. Having a little scare puts things in perspective.I am blessed to have good news. My thoughts wandered to everyone else in the waiting room. I 
wish them health. Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On This Day

I love
 loud jovial voices
carried on the waters in the bay
on a summer day.
When the sun is caressing our bare skin
and the light is dancing in a festive celebration.
In those moments 
I don't question life,
or life's meaning.
In those moments
I feel it in my core,
I watch smiling children
and I laugh as they play
with dogs with sweet faces.
I know the meaning of life,
I may question it on another day,
I may ponder,
but not on this day.
I taste salt on my lover's skin
and I ache for more.
I breathe in the ocean air.
This makes me feel alive,
I know I have arrived to my destination.
The hunger in my soul,
moans less,
because I feel a little fuller.

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