Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Happy 31

 The years slip away,
the days evaporate,
the moments sustain us,
love remains and thrives.
Happy Birthday to my boy! I love you always and forever <3 br="">

Sunday, January 8, 2017


is the handsome boy
that feels like an
ugly duckling.
is wise remarks
that make me laugh
even though I restrain myself.
Sixteen is dark humor 
mixed with silly undertones.
It's tousled curls in his hair
when it was always lank.
Sixteen is a world
I want to step into
as I sink into a marsh.
I try to remember
my sixteen,
my youth,
my insecurities,
and struggle 
to mirror his uncharted sea.
Sixteen is loving
in small gestures,
it's late nights,
boundless energy,
it's heavy and light.
is sinking into a computer screen
for endless hours,
talking to friends
while saying nothing
of importance.
resides in a room 
that resembles a dungeon.
The only beacon are keepsakes
buried in the closet and chest
of drawers.
He is witty like Stephen Colbert
and funny like Jon Stewart
not that I would compare him to either.
He is unique,
this sixteen unparalleled 
to any other.
This is his path to walk on,
and mine to follow from a distance
with unconditional love.