Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, April 29, 2011

Last 24 Hours

The last twenty four hours devastation,
fierce swirling clouds across the land.
Violent and unforgiving, the tornadoes blind
to the innocent, to the weak.
Injuries and death, crushed lives everywhere.
Homes folded like unglued cardboard boxes,
debris flying, strewn like colorless confetti.
I weep to feel their heartbreak.
I hope for a better tomorrow,
a tomorrow that will heal them,
a tomorrow that will bring peace.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


The tide went out to sea,
it took a part of me.
The salt I tasted on my lips,
were of my tears becoming one
with the crystal blue ocean.
The hours passed,
the hours flew,
I watched the tide return.
The tide whispered of new promise,
the waves danced on my bare skin,
my spirit nourished,
my spirit healed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I can not teach the lessons
that I learned.
I can not  gift them as
my legacy.
I can share
and you can listen.
Young minds
dive into life,
eager for answers,
eager for inspiration,
by the paths that you choose.
As you seek,
as you search,
I will hope that your lessons
are gentler than mine.
I will hope your scars
are not as deep.
I will hope that your struggles,
are not as fierce.
I will wish you wisdom,
and love.


Doubt is a poison
that is a storm in your soul.
Clarity is the treasure that you seek.
Close your eyes,
free your mind,
free your soul.
Doubts no longer
chain you.
Do not surrender to the noise in your head
let your thoughts dance,
let your thoughts create,
let them just be.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Obstacles in your journey,
decisions to make,
is fear seeping inside?
Unanswered questions,
a bit of confusion,
your mental process.
There are bridges you will cross,
to unknown places,
to challenges.
The answer is inside you,
if you stop to listen.
The choices are yours,
not mine.
The world awaits you with grace.
I await you with open arms.

Friday, April 22, 2011


We count our blessings with gratitude.
Our vision of the world varies.
We whisperer good wishes for others.
My heart dances in a song.
Brown eyed boys that are kind,
brown eyed man that loves me.
The walls that keep us warm.
Health we can't take for granted.
The journey that is called life.
The freedom that our land has.
The choices that belong to us.
I wish blessings for the afflicted,
I wish blessings for the weak,
I wish the darkness to lift.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Years fleeting,
days lost
from our memory.
Moments retrieved
from the depths of
our soul.
This life
gone in a blink.
Our laughter silent,
all that remains is how we lived ,
and how we loved.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Within Your Heart

Within you,
a vast ocean of possibilities,
filled with doubts and unanswered questions.
Which way should I go ?
Which road should I take?
It whispers in your ear,
like the tides, highs and lows.
I tell you
reach deep inside,
and if you follow your heart
you could never be wrong.
It takes courage
to follow a dream.
Sometimes it takes courage
to stay where you are needed.
Do not trade your life,
for the life someone else dreams for you.
Dream with courage,
love with might,
when you choose what path matters to your soul,
passion will find you,
all the days of your life.


the wind has seeped inside my heart.
The memories drift in and out.
I hear your voice,
inside my head.
There's an ache inside my soul,
the scar is open,
it's bleeding.
I long for you.
I miss home,
walking through the door
into peace and chaos at the same time.
Mom would welcome me with an embrace
and dad's eyes would twinkle with love.
The smell of baking,
the smell of holiday cooking,
stuffed in my senses,
all the smells of my life.
The memorial candles are lit tonight,
as I whisper words of love.
In my dreams your wings carry me,
to you,
when I awaken I try to scatter seeds of happiness.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I am imperfect,
like you.
I am flawed ,
like you.
I have sinned,
like you.
I am not self righteous.
I do not preach.
I do not judge.
I dream,
I believe,
in the goodness,
that we are born with.
Before abuse chains the soul,
before prejudice is taught,
before judgment is echoed.
The goodness lies in the core,
waiting to be extracted.
In fierce eyes,
resides a soft heart,
anger transformed into inner peace.
There are disappointments along the way,
there are those that do not change,
but sometimes it happens.
Those times makes me believe,
faith fuels my desire,
faith nourishes my soul.

Friday, April 15, 2011

First ?

We grow restless with our disappointment
of politicians hiding under fancy masks.
Their eyes twinkling with their deceit,
their talk sketchy like art undefined.
The journey begins with good will,
the will wears down, reality knocking.
They declare passion for the children,
but they support cuts in education,
while children wait in the shadows.
They spend and claim to reduce.
First they get elected then amnesia,
ideology and promises are soon forgotten.
The burdens of the middle class,
screams out loud on deaf ears.
Unemployment, foreclosure,health-care,medicare, gas prices.
Is anyone listening to the people?
We can't deny freedom of speech,
our first amendment always so precious.
We can't deny our strong core,
blood is spilled, blood is sacrificed.
Not at all easy, it's complicated.
Satisfy us with some simple answers,
satisfy us with actions that work.
Awaken us with your beating heart,
our desire will ignite the fire,
our pride restored , our dreams alive.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scattered Media

Radioactive dust.
Rain snow.
Media alerts,
reports alarm,
they scatter information
the way radioactive dust
travels in the air.
Bombarded with information,
then silence,
almost forgotten.
A new story
They scatter new dust.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



How do we define ourselves?
by our mistakes or
by overcoming them.
How do we define ourselves?
by our silence
or by the voice rising within.
How do we define ourselves by our hopes
or the dreams we have for others.
The crows feet
don't define me.
My external beauty
doesn't define me.
The scars of my journey define me.
Rising for my beliefs defines me.
My soul  tied to my boys defines me.
My actions define me.
My heart defines me.


I will not pretend to know
the struggles you endured,
I have not walked in your shoes
I have not carried your burden.
I will not pretend to know.
In your eyes I will feel the journey that led you here.

In your words I will hear your strength
through despair, through victory.
My heart open,
to understand your pain
I am moved
I am touched
by your salvation and mine.

Monday, April 11, 2011


You dove into the ocean,
and gave me a starfish,
red and orange and full of life.
I marveled at how beautiful it was.
I set it free,
the way I unchained the past.
Your eyes sparkled,
like the stars that
mapped our way home.
My laughter,
was the music in the
warm summer night.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Your rights? mine? who is watching
It's simple, we are all connected.
The right road is the one,
that you can't walk away from.
You know the options from within,
your moral compass leads you there.
You find a voice for others.
You embrace those that are weak,
those that lost their own way.
You fight for their human rights,
you find the courage burning inside,
to be radical, make a difference,
against those that lack good judgment,
against those that demean the weak.
You stand for the right thing.
Rise and save a stranger's soul,
you will be saving your own.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

All In What Name?

They roll in with their Aston Martin's and Maserati's
their million dollar boats
docked in this marina,
waiting to be shined to perfection,
"no dust in the varnish please."
They roll into the fancy tent,
hosting them for one night,
wearing Valentino and Dior
all in the name of charity.
The dishes will delight,
the music will serenade them,
all in the name of charity.
They will open their checkbooks,
they will bid and outbid ,
for deep sea fishing adventures and extreme getaways
that some never dream of,
all in the name of charity.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Did He Survive?
After he watched his rabbi hanging,
his tongue severed .
After he watched a mass graveyard of bodies,
the stench filled the air,
the stench filled his senses.
How did he survive?
This black and white world,
where death came uninvited.
Sorrow the background of his childhood,
dreadful clouds over the ghetto.
He was only a child,
I wonder how he survived.
I wonder how he didn't lose his mind,
this pain throbbing in his heart.
When I think of him,
and hold him in my dreams,
I wonder of these many things.
His road filled with pain,
became a road of endurance,
a road of triumph.

I Remember

I watch you sleeping,
powder blue pajamas,
"shark territory"
printed on them.
I remember,
a few years ago
your hair was golden,
in the sun.
You ran into the ocean
delighted in a leaf that you found.
It was orange, yellow, and green,
like a butterfly you said.
You followed hermit crabs
and sea urchins.
You giggled when a big wave
came to caress you.
I remember,
grandpa with his fishing net,
daddy with his fishing rod,
and you a born fisherman.
I remember,
a mother always remembers.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My First Home

I went back home,
my first home,
false memories,
of the street we lived on.
Fragments magnified in my memory,
it seemed so small.
I wept longing for the voices
of my life,
the scents,
the love.
We were uprooted
before my roots could anchor deep.
A tree needs roots to grow,
a tree needs roots to fly.
Out of the fertile soil
I was pulled
my roots shivered in the wind
my roots withstood the force.
The light made me grow,
the love made me shine,
like poems dancing in my soul,
like angel wings,
embracing me,
encouraging my spirit to soar.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Again

My thoughts dancing again and again.
My heart longing to see you,
my prayers wishing you home safe.
As I hear the key turn,
I run with my open arms.
My son, now, a grown man
but to me my baby boy.

I watch you with great pride,
time stands still, time is flying.
You touch lives, you lift spirits.
We engage in conversation for hours,
your brown eyes capture my soul.
My arms, my spirit loving you.
So good when you are home.