Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby I'm The Lucky One

The rain dances outside,
while I dance with you.
The iPod shuffle lands
like a bee on a flower,
" Say you, Say Me."
I love Lionel Richie,
and when he sings,
" Say you, say me; say it for always "
our lips meet in a kiss.
I land on your chest,
in this moment I want it to be for always.
My tormented soul has found
a home.
Thoughts scattered and for a moment
our eyes drown in each other.
I want this to be for always,
till my dying day,
a refuge,
a celebration,
a revelation,
peace for always.
Merlot bottle is empty,
we smile.
Many moons ago we did not promise forever
only the moment.
We lived in the present,
we loved without holding back,
without regrets.
Small steps
building memories,
fire in our eyes,
fire in our soul.

This is dedicated to my husband Carl. Today is our anniversary. He is my best friend and my world. When we met I was a single mom raising my son on my own. Josh and I were very close and he was
my universe. Carl and Josh's relationship grew and we became a family. Carl has been a great 
dad to Josh. We were blessed to have another addition to our family when we had Daniel.
So amazing all the things that we have gone through together and I feel so lucky to have the love I have 
in my life.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Words I Had Forgotten

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

His Life

Eleven o'clock
rolls around.
I watched the digital clock
countless times,
as I folded laundry and made the bed.
He gets off the night shift depleted
and if he calls his voice is stuffed with fatigue.
He murmurs,
I can't understand
over the sounds of the city
coming through the phone.
Scattered words
about privacy laws,
and why he can't share information
about his patients.
I fish for details,
that never come.
Attempting to connect
the dots of his new life.
I walk on eggshells,
making small conversation,
when in reality I have so much to say.
I hold my breath,
because I no longer can fix his world.
I try to mend it but the world is cruel
in a way that even I can't understand
because he won't let me in.
He won't turn on the light,
guarding the wall,
sheltering his sick patients and
their lives.
My thoughts remain with him,
for my shift goes on,
all hours of every day and every night.

This is dedicated to my son. He moved to a new city and he is working crazy hours in the hospital. 
He sounds tired and he does not say much and  I worry about him and his girlfriend.
They are dedicated to what they do but it's so hard to watch from the sidelines
and not know the details of what they are going through. All we can do is
be there when they need us and give them love and encouragement .
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Best Friend

We climbed the stairs in Montmartre,
we climbed to see the white basilica 
on its summit.
From the glorious hill,
we watched the beauty of Paris.
History whispering tales,
charming streets,
that once were home to Monet,
Picasso, Dali, and Van Gogh.
We sat side by side at the outdoor cafe',
watching people pass by.
Talking about Dali's work,
that we had seen.
Sharing our thoughts on his genius and
his expression of the passage of time.
A couple sitting next to us,
shared a four course meal,
a bottle of wine their companion.
We watched as they played with their food
and each other.
We giggled,
the way we did when we were young girls.
A dog took a whiz near by
as we feasted on pasta and delicious bread.
Consumed by the moment
we took a deep breath.
Space and time have not 
changed our friendship,
2 A.M phone calls,
emotional breakdowns,
life and loss,
We shared it all.
An ocean apart,
holding each other's hand through life,
always sisters at heart. 

This is dedicated to my best friend Dorit. Even though we are an ocean apart we are always one phone call away. We've been friends since we are 11 years old. We have shared a lifetime together through good times and bad times. We are soul sisters.  Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.  
Also yesterday was my blog's two year anniversary. This has been an amazing journey, I have made some wonderful connections with talented and wonderful people. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and friendship.    

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forgiveness And The Long Way Home

I had a red shinny tricycle,
but never a bicycle.
I dreamt of riding free,
in a yellow lemon dress,
flying down the hill
with the wind caressing my hair.
Dad feared I would fall
and I would hurt myself.
So I didn't fly until years later,
when I ran away,
no longer accepting to be sheltered
from the storms of life.
I left with a plane ticket,
the clothes on my back,
and a dream in my eyes.
My purse stuffed with family photographs
that I treasured,
memories of what I was leaving behind.
No money
or plans,
the man sitting next to me spoke
about pre Colombian  art,
puzzled, he watched the stars in my eyes.
My life was waiting,
forbidden love,
youth, brilliant and reckless.
Seduced by a freedom fighter,
not knowing he worshiped methadone,
hidden away in the refrigerator.
When John Lennon was shot
I still believed in the change that never came.
I battled his demons
and lost.
Broken dreams and promises.
I woke up one day and walked
away with my soul battered
but not defeated.
I walked away 
and opened new doors
and dreamt new dreams
fire in my soul
the wind on my back.

This week I turn 51. A time to reflect on an amazing journey called life.

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Blessed with these boys in my life, my husband and sons. They make my life complete.