Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Battle

Monday afternoon,
a storm came brewing,
Cancer came knocking on the door,
it wasn't Halloween yet, so cancer didn't wear a costume.
It was a visible mountain nestled in his thigh .
The man had lived lovingly each day,
with light in his heart.
He didn't squander his treasured health,
on bad habits,
or negative thoughts.
Cancer came knocking at the door,
and life changed.
Does cancer know that he will fight
with the light that shines within him?
Does cancer know that he will conquer the battle?
Cancer does not know,
but I do.

My cousin's husband was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. Prayers would be appreciated. So many of us have lost someone to cancer or know someone that is fighting for their life trying to win the battle.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revolution Of The Minds

Polite conversation,
over dainty teacups,
dancing around the issues of our time.
They talk about hair,
and wrinkle cream,
reality shows and the weather.
They have no interest
in hungry babies,
nets for malaria,
or crimes against humanity.
I don't want to dance this dance,
do I make you uncomfortable ?
do I challenge you today ?
I won't apologize,
I won't refrain,
I won't hold back.
We are all connected,
we must face the music.
We must grasp the challenges
of the world outside ourselves.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Somalia's Footprints- Blog Action Day

Footprints in the sand,
refugees seeking life,
they walk in the desert miles and miles,
to find water.
Malnourished children,
food is a luxury they dream of,
childhood is another.
I hear their voices in the desert,
a scorched landscape
is their world.
On the wings of hope they walk,
leaving footprints in the sand.
They struggle in silence,
they struggle with grace.
In our world,
I watch neighbors squander water,
sprinklers run as flowers wilt.
I think of a nation with footprints in the sand.
Can you see ?
Can you feel ?
Will you stand for action ?

My friend, Brian Miller brought it to our attention that today is Blog Action Day-Thank you, Brian.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Salvation That Is Yoga

The dark room is
filled with light,
filled with energy,
moving through the room.
The fly on the wall,
watches us as we move in unison.
As we reach an inner peace,
filled with gratitude to the universe.
Our instructor spreading seeds of knowledge,
words of letting go,
words of connections to one another.
Letting the ego dance outside our bodies.
The knowledge that we are perfect as we are,
the love of acceptance.
She scatters the seeds,
and we collect them,
our spirit blooms,
a ray of sunshine follows us home.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Not?

The wind sighs with heartfelt pain.
Tears are falling across the continents ,
mourning an innovator, mourning a dreamer.
His journey out of the box,
change the world today, why not?
He followed his dreams, his gut.
His words, " stay hungry, stay foolish."
Chasing dreams, making them a reality.
His journey an inspiration to all.

Join Melissa for Six Word Fridays, Today we are doing-why not?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Waterlilies

In my dream,
the layers of fog engulf me,
waterlilies dancing on the water.
They sway gently ,
as time marches forward.
when I looked at Monet's waterlilies,
I imagined you there with me.
You would stay beside me,
as we would lose ourselves in the
beauty of the moment.
You would inhale it,
the way I did.
We would take it in slow breaths,
you would tell me about his life,
his love,
his passion,
because you would know.
Dad you were,
a lover of life,
a lover of beauty,
a poet,
a dreamer.
You never lost the hunger to live,
and love.
In my dream we reunite,
and I weep ,
I want to stay in your arms.
I want the dream to last forever.

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