Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your Books

I found your seeds of wisdom
where you buried them long ago
in my subconscious
 with seeds
of love that you gave me every time
our eyes met . 
I found your books ,
overflowing boxes 
and rooms
smelling like the old and the new
in a wonderful mixture 
of life.
Sober from the loss
I gave your books away
as if they were casual friends
we did not want to dine with.
I gave them away
and I felt empty.
You had extracted beauty
from their pages
while you were famished for knowledge.
They gave you the breath
of life,
and silenced your desires. 
multi faceted gems of light,
when you spoke 
I could see their brilliance. 
I sat in the dark room,
wishing I could wallpaper the
walls with the contents of art,
 philosophy and
sentences you strung with passion.
I sat hoping that I would catch a whisper,
 that I would hear your voice
calling .
when I closed my eyes,
I held your shirt
breathing in your faint scent.
I sat and waited
 feeling you closer
all along
the moon comforting me.

For my dad. May 10 will be six years since he has passed away. I miss him every day and I l will love him forever.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Never Again

I stand at the edge of the world
where the clouds 
and shadows meet.
The darkness draws me in
an echo resonating in my being.
The war was long
and heartless.
Innocence lost,
lives perished 
rays of light
Names will be called
 in Berlin,
Washington D.C.
as we whisper under
our breath,
the words,
never again.
The sound of the names called
will make us shudder,
 leave us empty
and somber.
Their stories are mine,
their loss is ours.
My great grandparents
were murdered
 in cold blood,
their blood is still
pulsating in my veins.
The roots of my tree
have been cut down
forever changed.
I lost my religion,
but I never lost hope.
 I am spirtual
but not religous
and with that
I am not forgetting them.
I will not forget
or walk
or be silenced.
 I'll wear the yellow
star on my heart for them. 
We were not connected 
by religion
 but by humanity.
I will remember,
they are engraved on the
walls of my heart.
Never again
I whisper.

Dedicated to those perished and those who survived including my dear father that was a light in my life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Blushing Moon

The lizard tells me tales
about the dragonfly
while it chases shadows
under the palm trees.
The worms are crawling 
in the mud
whispering about last night.
We gazed at the sky
and we watched
 the lunar eclipse mesmerized.
Holding the lens
capturing the
 blood moon blushing.
The color vibrant,
and our hearts open.
There is a silent truth
in moments like these.
I watch you immersed
 in wonder
and the stillness 
and magic
of it all
 saturates my being
with gratitude 
and celebration. 

My son Daniel and I set our alarm clock to 3:15 A.M and we watched
with wonder the blushing moon. Sweet moments of life. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The box of jewels 
is dressed with 
green velvet inside.
The box is home to
the leaves and shells
that you gave me.
They chatter all day,
 when the house 
is silent
 I listen.
The leaves remember the 
taste of rain.
They whisper of spring
and children in the park.
They whisper of vines
 bathing in the sunlight.
The shells tell tales
about mermaids with 
wavy hair
 floating on seaweed
frolicking in the waves.
The pail was full 
when we walked along
the sand 
sharing summer days
on the island. 
Your hair smelled
 like the salty sea.
I took a deep breath
taking it in
like oxygen 
to carry me through.
I chased the days
as they slipped away
like water rolling through my hands.
The leaves and shells chatter
and I remember
magical yesterdays.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Dragon

The light shimmers
on the water. 
The museum stands 
like a jewel on the waterfront.
We watch the egrets
spread their wings
slowly, powerfully,
and we dream of freedom.
Our thoughts floating 
away with them.
You are born on the year
of the dragon,
myth and legend. 
Symbol of power and
good fortune.
Your eyes shine like
the stars
and your strength is in 
your words and
in your hunger.
One day you will 
make this a better place 
with your vision
and your wisdom. 
You will be carried
 by your wings
stretching to embrace
the wondrous

Over at Maria has us writing about animals and their symbolism. Meet us there.
This photo is of my son Daniel. He is standing in front of a dragon sculpture at Miami's Perez Art Museum .