Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, April 15, 2011

First ?

We grow restless with our disappointment
of politicians hiding under fancy masks.
Their eyes twinkling with their deceit,
their talk sketchy like art undefined.
The journey begins with good will,
the will wears down, reality knocking.
They declare passion for the children,
but they support cuts in education,
while children wait in the shadows.
They spend and claim to reduce.
First they get elected then amnesia,
ideology and promises are soon forgotten.
The burdens of the middle class,
screams out loud on deaf ears.
Unemployment, foreclosure,health-care,medicare, gas prices.
Is anyone listening to the people?
We can't deny freedom of speech,
our first amendment always so precious.
We can't deny our strong core,
blood is spilled, blood is sacrificed.
Not at all easy, it's complicated.
Satisfy us with some simple answers,
satisfy us with actions that work.
Awaken us with your beating heart,
our desire will ignite the fire,
our pride restored , our dreams alive.


  1. tell em...i can only hope and pray...

  2. "their talk sketchy like art undefined."

    love this line.

  3. "We grow restless with our disappointment"

    Your first line blew me out of the water. Amazing. Will they listen? I don't know, but I believe they are beginning to once again turn their gaze toward our collective direction.

  4. Wow, honey- this is so powerful, so strong, and so SMART. And at the very same time, so very poetic and beautifully written! *Love!*

  5. this is awesome! you say it how it is!
    love the line

    first they get elected
    then amnesia


  6. "The burdens of the middle class,
    screams out loud on deaf ears.
    Unemployment, foreclosure,health-care,medicare, gas prices."

    Deaf ears is right. We will not be satisfied with their answers. Everyone has a different agenda. However, it is the country I love... not our politicians.

    Well written chica.

  7. Yes please! C'mon, politicians. Do this.

  8. Thank you, Molly :) but the problem is they are not listening!

  9. Brian, smiles to you. I wish we all had the power to make them see....

  10. Thank you, LaQueshia. We can hope....

  11. Thank you, Alita. There is no doubt our country is the best! I agree I love the country not the politicians....

  12. Melissa, I wish it was this simple....if they only cared enough....

  13. Ayala, we are in the midst of an election in Canada right now and the rhetoric is ridiculous.

    "Satisfy us with some simple answers,
    satisfy us with actions that work."

    Yes please!

  14. Mel, good luck with the elections.

  15. haha yes they never give actions that work
    They are just a bunch of blowhard jerks
    The election up here is quite the sight
    Each going on about crap do they might
    When really they just want the vote
    Then go out and buy a boat
    Doing nothing at all
    But waiting for the next election call
    So they can bs some more
    All across the floor
    There was my rant
    Guess your post did plant
    All this stuff in my head
    And right before bed
    But it was so true
    A nice post by you

  16. six words per line? You've done a lot with those! Kudos

    Luke @ WordSalad

  17. Pat, I hope that you were able to go to sleep after all that....:) thank you.

  18. So sadly the truth in all your lines, ayala. We have an election next's cringe-worthy to listen to the politician's and their never-ending spiels!

  19. Thank you, Talon. Good luck with the election.

  20. elected then amnesia, so sad so true.

  21. Lauren, sad and true is right. Thank you for stopping by.