Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gratitude Of A Wounded Soul

A wounded soul
has danced a thousand tangos,
in ballrooms under the stars
and in gutters under an
orange and crimson sky.
A wounded soul
has wept a thousand tears
swords and spears
punctured and pierced
it's spirit,
it has nursed cuts 
and healed scars
along the way.
A wounded soul is kind
from surviving the battle.
A wounded soul comes from
a  place where sorrow lived.
It does not know fear for itself
but it feels it for others.
It knows hunger and pain,
solitude and abandonment.
It knows forgiveness 
and loss in an intimate way.
A wounded soul sees beauty,
and possess it deep within.
A wounded soul knows gratitude,
bleeding while gasping for a 
breath of air.
A wounded soul knows gratitude
for the sacred moments of love
and ordinary magic.
A wounded soul does not search
for purpose,
it has one.
A wounded soul does not 
let strangers define it,
it follows it's 
inner compass,
with grace
 and glory.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Wish

The vultures stood tall
on the clock tower,
looking ominous on
that gray rainy day.
I wondered who had
they come for.
Had they come for me,
was it time for
confession and redemption. 
Was it time for the soul
to be naked and exposed.
I'm not afraid to die,
there's an army of angels
waiting for me,
holding lanterns in the dark,
shining a light through the path
of eternity.
I'm not afraid to die,
but I am afraid to leave you.
I'm afraid your soul
will saturate
with pain
and that your laughter will cease.
I fear that my arms
won't stretch long enough
for you to feel my embrace.
I fear that you would think 
I left you,
that I failed you.
I'm not afraid to die,
but I fear that no one
will love you the way I do.
  I wish for you to live,
I ask you to inhale the universe
and be one with it.
Peel the layers of life
and taste the sweet nectar. 
Skip through the stars
and rejoice in every small miracle
that disguises itself as ordinary.
Awaken your senses
and open your heart,
that is what I wish for you
my love.

This poem is dedicated to my boys. (yes, you too babe)
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Grace is found in the ocean
on waves full of purpose and intention,
waves that linger like an old memory
leaving salt on our skin.
Grace is found in confinement,
when light dances through shadows
and hope drifts through the walls.
Grace is found when you've lost 
your way in the universe and
you find a lighthouse to guide your way.
Grace is found in nursing a bird with a broken
wing and watching it as it flies away.
Grace is found in a wildflower
blooming on the side of a majestic mountain.
Grace is found in holding the hand of someone 
you love while they take their last breath.
Grace is found in giving your heart completely
without reservation or hesitation.
Grace is found in the taste of coffee
when migraine robs you of your sleep
and you are grateful
that you did not die 
while fighting the battles of life
when you thought you were invincible .
 You wrestled with demons,
while you were hungry to live
in the moment.
You learned hard lessons 
when your hand was in the fire,
in the burn you
found truth,
you found courage,
you found grace.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Angel

The morning after Halloween ,
the leaves were scattered
on the ground,
the air was crisp,
the sky was a glorious blue.
I caught a glimpse
of Bella,
My heart stopped for a moment,
my thoughts caught up .
The beautiful Shorthaired Pointer,
walked with grace,
and beauty.
My heart longed for 
you Angel.
Your brown eyes filled with 
promise and pure love.
Your floppy ears swung
as you chased lizards and butterflies.
You ran in the fields,
you danced,
you looked for the light in our eyes
and you listened to our tender words.
You swam on endless summer days,
the sound of cicadas in the air,
you watched the fish swim by.
Our heart full of your memory
the life we shared.
Forever you will be remembered
and loved.

Our dear German Shorthaired Pointer passed away on February 2010. She was an amazing dog and a part of our family. I wrote this poem after seeing Bella, a neighborhood dog. Every time I see her my heart stops for a second because for that second I think it's Angel. Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.