Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I want to wish all of you
 Peace and Light
Love and Happiness.
All the best for 2014.
Thank you for all the love and support
you give and share with me all year.
My gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Thirteenth Daniel

Cinnamon the bear
lay on my bed
where you left him to shelter me
and keep me company
while I was sick.
He was wearing his yellow and white bowtie
which made me think of springtime 
and how you love me 
like the stars that map the sky
and the moon that peeks through your window
playing hide and seek,
like the night light when you were small
and proudly you said the word moon
for the first time.
Your golden locks were soft
and your sweet smile
seeped into my heart
while I welcomed your spirit.
Now you are older
you read my words
and you understand
as you find love in my poetry
and in between the lines
all the while listening to my heart.
It seems like yesterday,
it seems like long ago
when you entered my world,
your eyes alert
with a twinkle like no other. 
I love your laughter,
I love that you ponder 
the big questions of life
and the small ones.
I love that you are a boy that thinks
about heaven
and if we go there
and the meaning of our existence.
At the same time
I love
 that you explore
 how fast to solve
the Rubik's cube
 and that
you design virtual worlds.
I love your conversation and animation.
I love that you are gentle and kind
and that you reside in an old soul.
I love your vocab and grammer,
enthusiasm and wonder.
I love that you are proper
and that you savor life while
you soak it all in.
You are my light,
my inspiration,
I love you forevermore.

My sweet Daniel, I can't believe that you are thirteen today. From the moment you were born we felt so blessed and lucky. Every step of the way has been amazing, from you being wrapped like a taco in your blanket smiling right away to growing into an incredible young man. You make us laugh every day with your wit and sense of humor. We love you with all our hearts and wish you the best in life.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

She will be on the moon

If you love the poet,
you must read her words
so you can feel her soul
and listen to her heart.
You will find her on the moon,
dangling on a vine
smelling roses
and chasing butterflies.
You must know her love is true
and her passion is fierce.
Her gypsy eyes will
tell you all  that you need to know.
She will write poetry on your skin
and cradle you through the night.
She has made amends
and created dreams.
She has flowers blooming in her
and wisdom seeds she keeps
in her soul from all the pain and joy.
When you love the poet
you must read her words
so you can touch her soul
and capture her heart. 

A fun write after weeks of writing about heavy and important things. Questions I ponder on
after feeling all the pain of family, friends and strangers and feeling it in my heart. Also the last few weeks worried about my health I am grateful to say that the blood work came back good. The doctor said that we will need to run additional blood work if I get worse again. Thank you for all the messages and kind words, it truly lifted my spirits. I felt the love . Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Butterflies are free

I drove past the road sign
to Butterfly World,
for a moment I wished
that I could go there,
sit in the garden and 
let the butterflies hover and
land on me.
The butterflies in my head,
are colorful like the words
I write in my sleep
and like the life I have lived.
My dreams,
a place that I find peace,
where all the fragments of my life melt.
The white walls speak volumes,
our eyes interlock and I know
the he senses the fear
of the small bumps 
in my neck that invaded several weeks ago.
They are unassuming
but they grow in my mind every day.
I tell myself that I don't care
that they may steal my joy
but I do because I have
brown eyed boys that love me,
that need me,
that think of me as the glue
to their world.
I listen to the doctor's voice
filled with calm and
my thoughts quiet and become silent,
tuning in to capture every word.
His stature,
his concern,
remind me of my boy.
I think of his mother
and the pride she must feel.
The same pride I feel for mine,
sharing his compassion,
saving lives.
When I leave I want to go sit
with the butterflies and
watch them flying free 
or not.  

The last few weeks my mind has been preoccupied with these bumps that appeared on my neck and I was feeling low energy and headaches. I had my MRI the other day and thankfully it came back normal. I am now waiting on blood work results.I am feeling better and so grateful for that.
Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Questions

He died on a summer day,
when I heard my thoughts wandered
to his loved ones walking into 
their nightmare.
Pain saturating,
holding them frozen in time.
I wept for him
and I wept for them.
I asked questions about life
and life's meaning.
Questions that may have answers 
when I cross the road,
mud on my boots and
love in my heart.
I will be the river that
flows into the ocean,
I will be the bird that glides
above the clouds.
I will be patient,
the answers will be on the shore
 that I reach,
on the mountain I climb.
The questions won't have answers
until death.
In death I will drink the wisdom 
and savor the knowledge.
I will understand the life
that I had departed.
The questions will be the sunrise,
the answers the sunset. 

Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.