Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, September 30, 2011

How To Make It Count

Color your canvas with purple stars,
color the sunrise with bright orange.
Make your life count every day,
live with intention, live with purpose.
Speak your mind, without seeking approval.
Lend your voice, lend your heart.
If the question is how to ?
I would think and then say,
Open your branches and embrace everything.

Join us at Melissa's Six Word Fridays, the challenge today is " How To "

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Starfish Graveyard

Sweltering summer day,
sweat beads dancing on my skin.
We enter a starfish graveyard,
at the Key West souvenir shop.
I hear the ocean moaning,
whispering with regret,
whispering of loss.
On the ocean floor they frolicked,
on the ocean floor they lived.
Long ago,
my love gave me a red and orange starfish,
from the ocean floor.
We gazed at it with wonder,
and we set it free.
I hear the ocean mourning,
and I mourn the life and death,
the beginning and the end,
of all living things.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Modern Pace

The light enters through the window,
my heart captures a magical moment.
The sun bathes me with love,
for a moment my spirit soars.
Modern life a fast pace journey,
our time misspent, we seek balance.
Pieces of ourselves scattered here, there.
We juggle days, we juggle lives,
we run and chase unattainable dreams.
We need to look within ourselves,
climb out of the walls of
our heart, to receive our desire.
To find peace, to find love,
leave our fingerprint here and now.  visit my friend Melissa at six word Fridays, it's a lot of fun!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Jewel

She is the jewel of Miami Beach,
she stretches like Sunday morning.
Her glory in her navel,
she dazzles as her gems
adorn her.
Saturday night,
short skirt wearing,
high heels Jimmy Choo,
cookie cutter crowds,
desire to enter her womb.
Desire to lay in her inviting arms,
as she sighs.
Her crescent shape seen Elvis and Sinatra,
she held their secrets as she whispered in their ears.
Over time she has grown more beautiful,
I remember her when we were young.
I remember a gentler time,
when the wine lasted,
through the night.
As we waited for tomorrow to be ours,
we watched the world go by.

Note: Saturday night we were at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, to celebrate my brother's birthday.  I couldn't help but notice the changes in the building and in the crowds waiting to enter and enjoy the nightlife. The surprise birthday party was amazing and it inspired me to write this.

Friday, September 16, 2011


The stillness of the morning soothing,
a time to reflect and breathe.
We connect on Facebook and Twitter
but somehow we find ourselves disconnected.
One day melts into another day,
chaos and to do lists emerge.
Surrender to the waves, don't resist,
let them sweep you to calmness.
Surrender to your heart and listen.
Don't run through this wonderful life,
live it, watch the leaves turn,
let the butterflies kiss your lips.
Let the light shine and inspire,
don't squander your days away aimlessly ,
open your hear, let love in.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finding My Way

I lay in your wings,
your voice was my music.
I inhaled your words,
as my breath.
I gave you my heart,
as my soul lay naked in your palm.
My sunflower died the other day,
just like something died inside
of me, when I came undone,
when I lost my voice,
when my dream began to crumble.
I was no longer nestled in your wings,
I was falling,
I was holding,
I was waiting,
for you to listen to my cries.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Remember-Ten Years

I saw her in a magazine,
I read her words,
" he would have liked me",
she said.
Her eyes deep ocean blue,
filled with infinite sadness.
The necklace she wears,
has his image,
like the image she carries in her heart.
She never met him,
her hero,
her father.
He died that dreadful September day,
the day the world changed.
I wish I could embrace her,
and tell her that he would like her,
that he would love her,
that he watches her with his angel wings.
I wish I could tell her that we remember
that day,
that we would never forget,
that we feel her pain,
that we carry the pain,
like a scar in our soul.

Ten Years

September morning,
strong, dark cappuccino sipped
in fragile cups.
Good Morning America on the television,
our newborn slept soundly,
our high school age son was sleeping too.
Then in an instant,
nothing felt the same.
Shattered lives,
shattered dreams,
images branded in our mind.
Hollow sadness, despair, tears flowing.
Ten years later,
our thoughts laced together,
endless conversations,
about this moment.
A moment of sacrifice ,
a moment of pride,
a moment of to unite us all.

A poem I wrote in May that my friend Leslie said I should re-post for the anniversary of 9/11. Thank you, Leslie. 

Friday, September 9, 2011


Your words spin, I stand still.
Your words move me, lure me.
Unwrap me with your tender kiss,
taste the watermelon on my lips.
I bathe in the sun's rays,
summer waltzed in and now departed,
fall seducing like a new lover.
I left home so long ago,
lift me to the sky and
I will kiss the clouds above.
I left my red galoshes behind,
I left my books home unattended.
I embraced an armful of dreams,
as I moved across the ocean.
Finding a new life and home,
my heart moves with eternal gratitude.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


She stormed in,
"I just saw an amazing bumper sticker." she said,
" Buy American the job you may save is your own."
Bold letters etched in my memory,
that was twenty five years ago.
A dialogue among friends began,
twenty five years have passed.
The market saturated with cheap imports,
seduced by low prices,
the dialogue continues.
Like the seasons the world has changed,
like a marriage that's come undone.
Attempts to stimulate the economy
have fallen weak.
The middle class disappear,
the poor bleed,
dreams shatter.
We wait to be romanced by politicians ,
but there is no poetry in poverty,
there's no humanity on shutting the doors to
the crying need.
We are left hanging, waiting for answers,
that just don't come.