Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Dying Alone

Modern day warriors
on the front lines of big cities
and small towns.
They walk the narrow path,
their minds wide open,
their hearts stretched.
The scrubs,
masks and gear they adorn
do not shield them from 
the vulnerability of the moments
hanging in a haze.
 The shifts are long,
days stretched into nights.
Hours that wear on the mind and soul.
They watch the sick,
the fragile,
that want to take a breath
but can not.
Those that fade away dying alone,
The room empty
no love whispered,
nor prayers.
Poetry on their skin
as their eyes drift.
The ventilators stand guard,
voices heard through the corridor walls.
There is no parole from this prison,
no furlough.
There are monitors and screens
displaying vital signs 
and humans in spacesuits.
There are memories that play with the mind
in and out of awareness. 
A nurse holds a phone
to witness a last goodbye
to cherished ones.
Fragments of a conversation,
amends for words unspoken,
for dreams unfulfilled.
One more day,
one more night,
if only...  

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Color Of My Blood

The shape of my eyes,
the sound of my voice,
the shade of my skin,
my sexuality.
The color of my blood
the same 
as yours.
If you saw the light in my eyes,
if you saw my mother's tears,
if you felt her fears,
grief engraved on her skin.
Would you have yanked me
like a weed from the
garden of life,
Would you have shattered
me in pieces
 leaving me
to bleed out in the dark.
Ideologies differ,
dreams unalike,
my diversity
makes me
a beacon in the fiber
of humanity.
The shape of my eyes,
the sound of my voice,
the shade of my skin,
my sexuality.
The color of my blood
same as yours. 
I am re-posting this poem that I dedicated to the victims of the Pulse nightclub. I want to share it for Tuesday Pride. We must have a voice for all the voiceless. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Next Genertaion Indie Book Award

🎉 Congratulations Ayala! 🎉
"Second Chances: Poetry from a Sun-Kissed Life" by Ayala Zarfjian was selected as the WINNER of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the POETRY category.

All proceeds donated to charity.
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