Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, December 31, 2012

My Wish

my wish for you.
Dangle your feet in the wind,
jump into the ocean.
Walk on a new path,
live without regret.
Breathe in today,
sweep away your sorrows.
and dream some more.
Spread your wings and fly.
Fight for what you believe in,
and those you love.
Find your voice,
touch the sky,
this is my wish for you.
My dear friends you give me so much love and support all through the year, I want to thank you and I want you to know that when I see you here my heart is filled with gratitude. Wishing you Love and Peace in 2013 and always. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Daniel!

Your hand holds a yellow flower,
your hand holds the world. 
Before you were born I wished
for you,
dreaming of you.
You stand in the kitchen,
the sun playing with your hair.
Your hair once golden has turned to brown.
Your giggles turned into laughter.
You make me smile with your humor,
it comes so naturally to you.
You ask me if I love you more than your brother,
I laugh and ask you,
do I love my right side better than my left side?
Do I love my brain better than my heart?
They are equal to me,
as both of you are.
You laugh back,
"then I want to be your brain,
because the brain controls everything."
Morning snuggles,
wishing your nightmares away ,
I have waited for you all my life.
You are my sun on a rainy day,
you are my inspiration.
You are my heart,
you are my everything.
This is for my son Daniel. Happy 12th Birthday. You bring us happiness every day.
We love you. Happy Birthday and a happy life.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas And A Place Called Home

He hovers as I sleep,
waiting for me to open my eyes and smile.
I rub the sleep out of my eyes,
capturing his anticipation.
Christmas morning feels magical,
Elvis singing Christmas songs,
while we inhale coffee.
Snow globes shining,
lights twinkling,
hearts dancing as one.
He wants to wake his brother up,
but he has to wait until nine o'clock .
My thoughts wander to
children abandoned and abused
in shelters plucked away from family,
they have no safe place.
A man I met the other day
finds hope in every child,
and dedicates his life to helping them.
He traded his chain to buy his wife
a ring for Christmas.
He left the corporate world,
to a job at the shelter. 
The job doesn't pay much
but he is richer than many I know.
His eyes light up as he shares
his heart with me.
My heart rejoices because I know
our paths crossed for a reason.
My little one urges again and my thoughts
wander back.
After the gifts,
husband and I watch television 
by the tree.
The tree breathes with us,
as we breathe with gratitude. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. Please join us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts. So grateful our son Josh was able to get time off from the hospital and 
come home and spend Christmas with us.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


my heart weeps,
a nation mourns.
The reporter on television
interviews volunteers that
followed their hearts and came here
to lend a hand.
In the background I see,
Love, Hope, Faith words in lights.
Good words that seem so hard tonight.
Evil walked into this place
and brought darkness.
Twenty angels,
I listen to their names called,
an ache fills me.
Twenty stars shine bright in the 
sky tonight.
Their light will shine forever.
we cry out,
we question the insanity,
we question the demons.
" Mama, without evil there's no good
and without shadow there's no light."
Eleven years old and yet so wise,
I hold him closer.
Broken hearts,
lives undone,
candles lit ,
unimaginable loss.
We weep,
we pray,
for lives forever changed.
Tonight, today,
for always.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the children from Sandy Hook Elementary and their brave teachers. Our thoughts are with their families and community. We will never be the same. We mourn with them. Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Magic

Weeks ago 
we sat side by side.
My boy and I.
Red and powder blue snowflakes
on my pajamas.
We laughed as we watched
the Macy's parade.
I lingered in the moment,
while he was in a rush to 
return to Minecraft , watch for updates
and play with his friends.
He drank hot chocolate
laced with sweet marshmallows,
while I nursed a sugarless cappuccino
in my favorite mug.
The smell of cooking intoxicating,
husband creating delicious food,
while listening to our giggles, 
a warm feeling washed over us.
We remembered grandma and grandpa
never missing a parade.
Laughing that they have front seats
in heaven.
we dressed the Christmas tree with the past.
Ornaments from Kindergarten
made with small hands
and big hearts.
Baby's first Christmas,
Duke Blue Devils.
The tree stretched and sighed
in delight.
The lights twinkled,
the lights shined the way
yesterday's milestones do.
We danced as we bridge
yesterday and tomorrow,
while our feet are anchored in the moment,.
Good Night Moon,
rests on a shelf,
collecting dust
awaiting a new generation.
Days swiftly turn to years,
we mourn,
we celebrate.
Tonight while the moon hangs
in anticipation,
we will listen to the holiday concert.
Our boy will play the clarinet,
his fingers mastering the sound,
while we watch with wonder.
Tonight we leave behind
moments sprinkled with pain.
Tonight we give gratitude,
for tender moments,
saturated with joy.
Please join us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Live

These days,
I live
Don't think I have forgotten you,
my thoughts find you in the
alleyways of my mind. 
Early dawn,
the house is dark and quiet
I awaken thinking of you.
Fragments of dreams,
I search through mingled trees
and dark forests.
I search for you.
These days,
I laugh
something I have forgotten to do.
I catch a glimpse of my old self,
the sadness melting from my eyes.
I remember the passion you had 
for life.
I remember lessons taught by example.
Yesterday I was but a shadow of myself,
today I step into my body
and reclaim my soul.
I heal my broken stems,
grow new leaves.
I walk among the starfish,
I skip among the stars.
I fly
because you taught me that I can.
I fly
because one day we will meet again.
These days,
I live again.
Don't think I have forgotten.

Dedicated to my parents. I miss them so much but finally I feel like I can live again without sadness being my constant companion. Meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.