Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Am Enough

The light does not wish to be 
The Finch does not wish to be 
an Eagle.
The thorn does not ask to
be the rose.
The sunrise does not wish to be
the sunset.
The lake does not wish to be
 an ocean.
The sun does not wish to be the
Neither do I wish to be anyone

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Soul Gentler

I wake up my soul gentler,
my thoughts clearer,
my heart seeking the balance
of dark and light.
I wake up my soul gentler,
her voice echos in my head,
her eyes wounded,
her daughter on drugs,
she is raising her child.
I wake up my soul gentler,
a friend weeps,
placed in the middle like a
ping pong ball
between her son
and the man she loves.
I wake up my soul gentler,
another friend her daughter
fighting for her life.
A sister fighting for her brother,
a victim of a hit and run accident.
I wake up my soul gentler,
I lost another friend to cancer.
Fragments of his life
carried by those he loved,
hope floats through the room
when he is remembered.
I wake up my soul gentler,
the stories change my vision,
change my day,
transform my being. 
It's been a long week . Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

9/11 Memorial

I stand silent,
a single tear rolls down my face.
My hand touches the bronze plates,
names inscribed.
My mind is silent,
my thoughts drowning as the
waterfalls cascade down.
A storm brewing within,
the tears are flowing.
An ache I buried,
rising to the surface.
The wound oozes,
it bleeds,
the sun is shinning,
the wind on my face,
neither comforts me
nor ease my sorrow.
Stories told by loved ones,
about loss,
of lives gone too soon.
They will be remembered 
their faces, and smiles,
their birthdays
and the moments that 
made up their lives.
I want to search for your name,
but I am told that I'll never find you.
I glance down,
and there you are.
We never met,
but I was told you were
 a gentle soul,
a hero,
a son,
a brother,
an uncle,
a boyfriend
a friend.
You were so many things to
so many people.
Your name inscribed,
among your friends.
I stand silent
drowning in the moment,
closing my eyes and feeling the pain

Sunday we were at the 9/11 Memorial in N.Y.C. I felt honored to be there and to pay our respects. So may lives lost. So many lives gone too soon. I felt an ache that's hard to express. Here is the link to it A friend of mine lost her brother in-law that day, he was a firefighter and a hero. I was so happy to be able to find his name and share it with my friend. The first few weeks of 9/11 we watched all the reports and stories and we felt devastated. I wrote this poem on my flight home. I was grateful that I could share this with my son Daniel. He was a baby when this happened. Please meet us here, where we share our thoughts and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dare To Dream

A green notebook 
I bought in the Harvard bookstore.
A notebook filled with words
of triumph and despair,
of highs and lows,
of salvation and redemption.
 I didn't dare to dream,
 to study in a beautiful
with beautiful
 and manicured lawns that
I could rest my weary head on .
I didn't think I was good enough
or brave enough.
I was told that I was beautiful
more often than
I was told that I was smart.
I didn't dare to dream for me
but I did dream it for you
I dreamt the sky was the limit and you
would sparkle in the universe
you would learn
and you would
My little boy
you held a beating heart in your hand
you saved a life today,
and yesterday .
You shine when you speak
your actions filled with
even when you are tired and weary
you find the strength to help someone.
You don't seek recognition
or merit
your reward is
 the fulfillment you feel within.
I didn't dare to dream 
for me
but I dared to dream for you.  

This morning I read Author Dani Shapiro's post which resonated with me about the things that we dare to dream for ourselves.  The things that we fear and the things that we learn along the way. Her thought process is something that I am familiar with because I was raised with the same thought process myself. Her conversation with her fourteen year old son and her words about having tough feelings, we all had them and we all met someone who experienced them. Those of you that read my poetry know that I am a big believer in learning from our scars and evolving as we grow through this life. I thought about my son Josh and how no dream was too big when I thought of him. (as well as my son Daniel) I knew he had a great heart and a great mind. As a doctor in an  Emergency Room in Boston, I am so proud that his life is about helping people and saving people . I've had an interesting life, with many lessons learned but I never dared to dream for myself what I dream for my children. Meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love Finds The Way

Love finds a way
across a room,
across railroad tracks.
Love finds a way
despite religion or 
conventional lines
and ideas.
Love finds a way through 
through obstacles.
Love needs no explanation,
the heart wants,
the soul desires.
I will always find my shelter in your eyes,
I will find solace in your arms,
I will feel the passion rising when
I hear your voice.
Our love is not a fairytale,
it is a love story.
Our love is not a river
but an ocean.
Our love is not a branch,
but a root of an old oak tree.
We weather the storms,
we dance in the rain,
our love always finds the way.

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