Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, November 29, 2010


Conversations around the kitchen table. Conversations at bedtime. Words floating, words dancing round and round. When Daniel was born, Josh was in high school. A fifteen year old that was absorbed in his AP classes,volunteer work,and social responsibilities. He was also a fifteen year old obsessed with his computer,his friends and taking long showers. At the time, I would ask him for his help with the baby. I did not ask for much, just to hold the baby for ten minutes while I would finish a chore. Josh would oblige and cradle Daniel in his arms. My heart would jump, my heart would smile. When I returned I witnessed how a change happened. Josh was captivated by his little brother. Their eyes locked together,and a faint smile would be draped on his face. Truth be told, I was building a bridge. A bridge that they could meet at. A bond, that goes deeper than the blood flowing through their veins. This holiday weekend Josh now, a third year medical student and Daniel a fourth grader were having conversations, and they were having pillow fights. I found myself still building the bridge between them. A age gap this large is difficult. They don't have the same interests. And so, on the phone with Josh every night I share stories about Daniel. Stories about the food drive at his school that helped nine families. Stories about wise things he said. Stories about books we are reading that I used to read with Josh. I also tell Daniel stories about Josh. I tell him about Josh's new rotations. I tell him about his volunteer work at the clinic. Most important I tell him that his brother is thinking of him. This is how I nurture the bond. I stitch a needlepoint of a life. This is how I create a legacy. A love that I carry like a locket in my heart. A love that will carry them through time.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Give Thanks

Brown eyed boys with big smiles.
Brown eyed man with strong arms.
A warm shelter that's our home.
Mundane life unravels to my delight.
Waking up and feeling sweet gratitude.
Health is wealth we cannot squander.
Chasing dreams,we follow our hearts.
Memories of a dad that loved,
a mother who created a home,
a legacy of love and tradition.
Freedom of speech and other freedoms.
Wisdom,kindness,thoughtfulness,inspiration and joy.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul"
                                            Henry Ward Beecher

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Story Of Peanut Island

There is a wonderful place called Peanut Island. It's a place of treasured memories. Mornings of exploration,mornings of shell treasure hunting, mornings of magical sandcastles.Our boys digging,laughing,exploring. Our dogs roaming, running, splashing in the crystal blue water. It's our refuge, it's our place. When we need to unwind from the real world, we come here . The island is open like a welcome home mat waiting for us. We are seduced by the beauty and by how simple life can be and how precious. We began going to Peanut Island in the 90's at that point only local fishermen knew about it. Later we found out the island's historic significance . The island features a blast shelter that was built secretly for President John F.Kennedy shortly after his 1960's election. It was during the cold war and President Kennedy often spent winters in nearby Palm Beach. Peanut Island is a 79 acre island. Originally named Inlet Island, it was renamed Peanut Island for a planned shipping operation which failed in 1946. In 2005 Palm Beach made a major renovation that resulted in campsites, a pier, and a man made reef. The water is "Bahama Blue" as my husband calls it. That's where I find the boy in the man that I married. He shows our boys wonders while they snorkel. They follow hermit crabs and sea urchins,they follow dreams.Daniel searches and finds gifts to give to me,shells, and leaves. I have a leaf he gave me when he was three, he said,"mama,it's shaped like a heart."He wanted to cut it so he and I could share one heart. I will always remember that. This is why this is my happy place where I can just be still with the moment. Our eyes feast at the glory and our souls whisper with gratitude.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Through the doors I find peace,
embraced by boys with bright smiles.
Yellow lab, waging her long tail.
Chestnut walls, adorned with framed memories.                                               
Tall Sunflowers on the kitchen table.
Sunlight that seeps into my soul.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Moment

We celebrate the moment
We mourn the moment.
We fear that it will
swiftly slip away.
We attempt
to grasp it
like a water bucket out of the well
slipping away.
Leaves of autumn
like a carpet
waiting to greet us.
The day grows dark
the air is crisp
I smell the scent of
Vanilla from the bakery.
I stop
I smile
I take it all in
Watching my son in his sleep
his bunny tucked under his arm
the dog bringing a sock
as an offering.
The moment
fading into a memory
In front of me.
Living in the present
Is all that matters
Today is all I have

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Important Lesson

At the end of the training session of Kung Fu junior class, the trainer concludes with these words,"learn kindness, learn respect, learn Kung Fu."She follows it with a question, "what is Kung Fu?". The children answer in unison "hard work". Their voices overflowing with confidence and pride which they have amassed in this class. It seems like that is a simple universal concept and yet is it? Everyday lessons in life should include kindness, respect, and hard work. I know that these instructors implement what they teach. I can't help thinking about a boy that trains in class. He comes to class alone. He is diligent in his practice, he is focused on his tasks. When class is over he runs out to the far end of the parking lot where a lone, dark car awaits him. I have not seen anyone come to watch him, yet he is passionate. He glides, he soars, he thrives. I find his determination and drive,inspiring. Other children are applauded through every step, they are photographed and videotaped, and they are cheered by their parents. This is where I see , the lesson in kindness being practiced. The instructors encourage, mentor and extend kindness to the young boy . He respects his teachers and his peers and excels and grows as a person. The lessons taught by Sifu (the head instructor) and his team are of personal growth, health and well being. In addition to self defense,physical fitness, and Chinese culture, they instill a moral compass to guide the children through life. As I watch my son, I silently cheer for this young boy. My heart captures it all. The voice in my head echos,"learn kindness, learn respect, learn Kung Fu." A lesson for us all.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rome With My Best Friend

We walk through Roman ruins

Inspired by beauty and wonder

A friendship woven through time

We dance through these days the way we have danced through this life

Side by side

We have shared tears of joy and tears of sadness

We have shared it all!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Death comes uninvited,
violent or peaceful,
Death teaches us
a lesson in living.
When you left,
the floodgates of my soul filled with sorrow.
I would wait a lifetime till we meet again.
I learn to flow like
the rise and fall
of the tides.
I learn to dive in this vast ocean
my feet buried in the moist sand,
buried like a dream abandoned.
We walk through life bruised,
at times we float with joy.
We forgive.
We breathe.
We remember.
There is a wealth
in dying with dignity,
with bright eyes,
You took a bow,
without regret,
you took your final curtain.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We reach within
we lean sideways,
In this mountain,
we search for a cave of our own.
A place we can dream
our thoughts dancing in the wind.
Soft words,
loud words,
tangled chatter,