Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, August 25, 2014


I am floating on a cloud
searching for you,
the memory lifts me higher
close to the heavens 
where I seek to find you. 
I am floating on a cloud
my hair is wild 
my heart is light
I am searching for you.
I wish to cast my eyes upon you
and feel your heartbeat.
I walked in the park today,
I felt you walk beside me.
I wept hiding under my shades
the fog was rising 
my eyes stinging from my weeping.
I saw you in your colorful
butterfly robe,
the one you wore.
You kissed me
after you scolded me.
I wanted to wash your hair and body
and you battled me.
After the water played with
your hair and
I washed your face
you were at peace.
The struggle ceased
and you remembered 
once again
that I am your girl
the one you held,
the one you loved.
I am floating in my dream
on a cloud searching
for the peace we had
after the storm was gone. 

8/26/14 is five years since my mom passed. I have missed her every single day, my heart pierced in pain. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I am the whisper on 
your lips.
I am the silence
accepting communion.
I am a weed in 
the rose garden.
I am a husk in
the green field.
I am driftwood
washed to shore.
I am a grain
of sand.
I am a whitecap 
in the breaking waves 
of the ocean. 
I am the morning dew
on the maple leaf.
I am nothing
 without you.