Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Beloved

You traced a heart
on the shower door,
a love letter to me.
The water fell 
like the rain did on the roof
of our summer refuge.
I traced my fingers on your skin,
words of love,
poetry I long to give you.
Your wings carry me,
your branches embrace me.
You are my ocean,
you are my home.
Your passion fierce as the wind,
your love tender.
I love your imperfections.
I love the fire in your eyes.
I love your mischief,
always a boy,
yet a strong man.
Five A.M,
we inhale coffee,
our feet tangled together.
Waiting for our day to begin,
a new page to fill. 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Josh


Your eyes shine,
like lanterns in the dark,
illuminating my soul.
The day you were born,
I knew my heart would never be
the same.
My soul sang,
I found home.
I paint the sky,
I reach for the stars,
it's your birthday.
The canvas of our life,
abstract, vibrant with color.
We have grown,
through tears and laughter,
curve-balls and hurdles.
We weathered,
high tides,
low tides,
pulling a red wagon
filled with dreams.
I wish your road is lighter .
I wish your life is filled with wander.
I wish you love,
everyday of your life.
Your eyes humble,
you have not learned
to embrace how great you are.
I knew all along,
your noble heart,
your healing hands,
carry the strength of your spirit.
Your soul dancing,
Son, I look into your eyes,
you are the right I have done 
in this world.
My love infinite,
swept in awe,
my little baby boy,
you grew into a great man.
Happy birthday, my love.

Dear Joshua, happy 27th birthday. We are so proud of you, even if you are rolling your eyes right now because you don't embrace yet how great you are. We love you with all our heart.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

History Unfolds

His head rests on me,
I touch his hair.
He looks at me from the corner of
his eye.
He's wearing his, " I love Bacon " shirt.
We watch the inauguration,
he rolls into a pretzel,
twelve years old and restless.
I want him to witness
this moment in time.
Lives sacrificed so 
we can be free.
Mothers, fathers, sisters,
brothers , children,
are present in this crowd,
a sea of humanity,
all anticipating this moment.
Pride within them,
red, white and blue.
He groans, half yawning,
hoping I let him go back to his room.
I hope he takes this in,
it's a part of him,
a part of us.
I tell him he is blessed
and privileged,
to be born under these blue skies,
where he is free.
Where his voice is heard,
where he counts.  
 I have laid my head
on your chest and I listened to your heartbeat.
 you brought me to my knees,
poured salt in my wounds and
healed me.
You lifted me,
you embraced me,
you gave me a home. 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Faith Or Despair

Blood seeping into the rivers of humanity,
flowing, raging in despair.
Tears of innocence lost,
hands scarred with evil.
When did humanity become so vile?
Why did it lose it's moral compass.
Life snuffed out and saturated by evil.
The morning news too hard to listen to,
a retired priest takes a plea for molesting 
a child years ago.
Minutes later a report on four teachers
arrested in a sting operation seeking
sex with minors.
Human remains found of
a little boy in a backyard
where his parents lived.
 The world has gone mad,
my heart sinks like a rock.
Children fragile,
good and pure,
a monster lurking in their closet
waiting to invade their world.
The snow in their snow globes
turned to slush.
The pillows listen to their cries.
Their voices muted .
I feel anguish ,
  then I remember wise words,
by a wise man,
Gandhi said, 
" You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity 
is like an ocean, if a few drops of ocean are dirty,
the ocean does not become dirty. "
These words comfort me,
I think of the balance of life,
evil and good,
they walk side by side.
I choose to have faith 
in the good,
I choose to believe that 
one day the world will be a better place.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Words on trees
pretending to be leaves,
swaying in the breeze,
floating in the universe. 
words to live by.
I choose you to be
 the one for me,
you whisper in my ear,
when I awaken from my sleep.
I hear your voice   
in my dreams.
I have walked with you,
through our long journey.
You found me in a dark place,
and you lifted me,
you pulled thorns out of my soul.
We choose words,
to walk with them,
a word to define the year.
A new day,
a new page,
we slice to pieces,
to savor,
to squander away.
We choose a word to stuff
into the pockets of our hearts,
to fly on the wings of our spirit.
you are my constant companion.
I whisper your 
name a thousand times.
I dance with you in the rain,
you embrace me when I weep.
You are simple and complicated,
you are fear, you are love.
You are tears, you are laughter.
I carry you as
you carry me. 

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It Feels Like Magic

Images floating,
 colorful hot air balloons,
baby teeth with gaps.
Fragments of life,
holiday dinners,
silver candlesticks,
etched crystal,
the past on the screen.
Images I have forgotten
and ones I remember.
A lifetime of love,
and grace dancing in front of me.
He bought me the machine to
convert the old taped memories
into Cd's.
New Years eve,
he calls at nine thirty.
He was bombarded with sick people
to care for.
He is on his way home
and I feel guilty for having
sent a text and a photograph
of our delicious meal.
He is hungry and I feel
sad he is going home to a frozen dinner.
This is his life and he is a man,
I am no longer his lighthouse
or his world,
but he will always be mine.
Husband fell asleep,
my little one joins me on the couch.
We watch Rock N Roll New Year's Eve,
as we giggle.
Later I climb into bed,
husband opens his eyes,
and gives me a kiss,
it feels like magic.

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