Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Questions

Sting rays swim by
piercing my imagination
with childlike wonder.
My feet dangling,
a bell rings in the distance.
Life is here and now,
the moment does not elude me.
I smile,
ordinary day,
elevated by their presence.
A net of wonder in the waves,
a leaf trembles and falls into the water,
serene it floats.
The human spirit reveals itself,
I drink the beauty of it,
for a moment I am,
my mind is still,
I am the stingray,
I am the ocean.
What is the soul they question,
what is life?
what is death?
A revolving door
from the past to the present,
a circle
of birth and death.
Questions reveal themselves to me,
I dream of glorious colorful fish
in every shape and size,
oh how we praise their beauty
and their heart during the battle,
worthy opponents.
Where do we go once
we have left this earth,
filled with joy and struggle.
I wish my spirit dances in the trees
and in your eyes.
I wish my spirit warms
your soul when you are in need.
I wish my spirit is a whisper
on your lips,
a smile on your face,
a joy deep within.
Where do our souls dwell,
no one knows.

The photo above is of dolphins in the wild.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The sigh of the roots

 My beloved,
plant me an orange tree
it's nectar sweet on my lips.
Follow me to the orange grove
barefoot and free.
In the orange grove
grandma's spirit lives,
in the sigh of the trees,
in the wondrous soil.
That is where she held
people's hands
and people's lives
and inspired them to love her
the way she was meant to be loved.
My beloved,
tender heart
know that these are my roots
that I have walked this far
and I have learned lessons of life
in the charred limbs of a tree,
in the puzzle patches of the bark,
in the eyes of the Cooper's Hawk
greeting me with love.
Plant me an orange tree
and forever I will
be grateful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The melancholy
will fade like a whisper,
like drops melting 
on the skin with a sigh,
like a leaf floating in free fall.
A thousand mornings
I awakened in your arms
to the sound of your heartbeat.
The melancholy will no longer
demand my days
or attention.
Melancholy tinged with
yesterdays scents
of home.
The kitchen where love is made
by loving hands.
Days taken for granted,
a leap in the darkness,
freedom and solitude,
shackles of the mind.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What Remains

What remains is
the vast blue sky,
words in tattered notebooks
love softly engraved on the skin
where it was born
and freed.
What remains of my life is
the love I gave 
with outstretched
with my heart blooming
 to make yours rise.
What remains is laughter
 carried by the wind
feathers floating in the park.
What remains are the
moon and the stars
as the days go forward
and life goes on.