Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Electronic post-it notes
in books I read
on my electronic devices.
I leave them buried,
like mines in a field,
waiting for another day
to tackle the written words,
string them into poems,
place them on the walls of my house,
and send them as dandelion seeds
into the universe.
Seeds to sprout courage for others
from my failures,
wisdom from my pain,
hope in my second chances.
Grief, seen by the soul rising 
to meet the searing pain.
Emotions, overflowing,
knocking me off my feet,
drowning in my sorrow,
through time,
allowing it to melt 
and change,
and grow,
into a beautiful memory.

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  1. I keep actual post-its in books I have read to go back at some point and look at the inspirational words to help write poems....loved this!

  2. Enjoyed all your verbs. It made for a smooth flow.

  3. Oh I love this poem. I think it's my favorite of yours. So nice!

  4. Seeds to sprout wisdom and courage. Cool. It takes time to transform grief into memories.....years. sigh. A beautiful poem.

  5. Lovely write ! Especially the closing...allowing to transform and grow..

  6. wisdom from my pain,......I really like this sentence. I enjoyed reading the whole of your poem.

  7. A lovely piece. For me, the image of the dandelion seed seemed to float though it.

  8. Love the photo...and this line
    "send them as dandelion seeds
    into the universe."
    Might you include a link to dVerse ( so others can find our prompts and also this increases the readership on your site as well. Apologies if I'm just not seeing the link already here -- it can be in a comment at the end of a post or in a tag....I'm a bit bleary eyed having just returned from a month in Bermuda to a fickle and cold boston spring!
    Enjoyed reading this very much!

  9. Wisdom sure can grow from even the awful stuff.

  10. I loved the "electronic post it note " line

  11. Geesh let the present become a pleasant memory.
    Well written in my opinion.

  12. That really builds to a crescendo and then turns to dust as a memory. A theme I see.

  13. Beautiful! A feeling resonating in myself...

  14. Some beautiful things can grow from those little seeds we save.

  15. That is a good hope, that grief will become a good memory. I also hope it is true.

  16. I love the imagery of the electronic post-it note. Well done, Ayala. Glad to see words percolating in your space. xo

  17. Little notes of grief of sorrow of pain of doubt all in the passage of time melting and morphing into beautiful memories - I like that.
    I think that is how we survive the emotional roller-coaster of life...
    Anna :o]

  18. I really love the ending of this poem! This is a real gem.

  19. A fascinating and endearing account of the process.

  20. Love this Ayala, This line....Little notes of grief of sorrow of pain of doubt all in the passage of time melting and morphing into beautiful memories - I will be using post it notes now!