Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Poets write verses about summer
days ending,
fleeting and whimsical.
I am ankle deep with sorrow
and worry.
Humanity is consumed in darkness
and despair,
let the watchman ring the bells,
turn the lights
and bring hope back into our hearts.
Cultivate kindness,
erase hatred,
cultivate tolerance 
annihilate prejudice. 
Restore humanity with love
and let it spread
with understanding and grace.  

This poem is written for where we writing about the watchman. Personally I was having coffee this morning with my husband and I was expressing how sad I feel when I watch the news and  see the condition humanity is in. There is so much that is tragic and senseless and it leaves me feeling despair.


  1. Watching the news will surely wreck you. Our world is definitely under a dark shadow and it only seems to be getting deeper each day. One part of me just wants to avoid the news - but then I realize part of my responsibility as a citizen of the world is understanding our troubles and trying to help see a way through. I understand some trying to see the beauty but I think we have to acknowledge reality as well.

    1. I am feeling dark today so I lightened it up. I do know reality and I see it and it disturbs me because there are no obvious answers....

  2. Tragedy itself is one thing that makes me sad, what me even sadder is fellow human beings not even willing to help those that suffer.. the want the watchmen to protect themselves and not the one that suffer.. sadly we are divided.

    1. If you look at a slice of reality, migrants fleeing to Hungary, Isis destroying ancient temple, senseless murders...all in the last few hours. We are drowning in chaos. I feel like my poem is too upbeat for the way I feel I did not do it justice.

  3. We definitely need watchmen to turn on the lights and bring "news-worthy" hope to this dark world.

  4. I like the positive duties of the watchmen ~ I feel burdened and sad too with all the depressing news but we can do what we can to bring in someone's else hearts ~

  5. Everywhere in the world be it any country, humanity had degraded but I wonder can a few like minded people make any difference

  6. i suppose the
    first step
    to love
    is seeing

  7. Oh, Ayala, what a melancholy poem - I love the line "I am ankle deep with sorrow and worry." That line really resonated with me. Watching the news means confronting the horror of the humanity - but I do believe there are places where we can seek comfort and beauty - my hope is we let the goodness from these places prevail. xo

  8. I agree that the news can be very depressing. Maybe that's why some poets write of things that are fleeting and whimsical, to give us an escape from all the evil and sadness in the world. I like your watchman who doesn't just report the bad that he sees, but rings the bells of hope. Peace, Linda

  9. Simple, plaintive cry. Beautiful.