Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Leonard Cohen

His words are the soundtrack
of the morning,
like a flower opening to light and sun.
Like the wind touching my face,
and my old wounds.
Like the ivy growing on the wall,
like a lover crawling on my skin.
The bird of Paradise plant
is exceptionally brilliant today,
as if his words warmed her too.
I smile with answers to ancient questions,
to finding my way home
following the bread crumbs that he left behind.
My spirituality never questioned
nor displayed,
only my heart shinning like a beacon.

I found Leonard Cohen too late in my life, he is my new obsession. His thoughts resonate with me, his wisdom draws me in. He is an icon and a genius. 


  1. The breads crumbs are plenty. He did some great songs indeed

  2. He is an inspiration & I love this music too ~

  3. Oh, I love his me to the end of love..

  4. Ah, it is never TOO late to discover Leonard Cohen. I think I own all of his music!

  5. Yes, it is never too late. Beautiful piece

  6. It is never too late to find a voice we can relate to and which helps us find our way home...a beautiful poem

  7. I love Leonard Cohen. One of my favorite quotes of all time: "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

  8. it is cool when we find a writer or painter or singer who seems to be on our wavelength and whose words or songs or paintings resonate with us... nice

  9. Your bird of paradise is beautiful.
    I am a fan of Cohen as well. He is easy listening but still deep
    in that he makes me think - without it hurting. Ha.

  10. Oh yes, love Leonard Cohen. And your poem, too. :)
    Keep smiling at those answers. Xoxo