Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer kissed days

Summer kissed days,
did I dream of this moment
when you were born. 
Pride swells within
for your accomplishments 
and your journey.
It is no longer the
days and years that I embroidered 
With delicate threads of love and knowledge
It is your hard work and vision.
I held you in my arms
and sang you lullabies 
I read you books of wars and peace
of cultures foreign 
and told you that we were all one,
You were wide eyed
with an open heart and imagination 
with purpose and intention.
You grew into a man
that others admire
and I my dearest
can only sigh
and be thankful that you call me mom. 


  1. And what a proud mom you are smiles ~

  2. Your love for your family continues to shine through. it is wonderful to see them grow into the amazing people we always knew they would be.

  3. I can feel your love and pride in these lines.. must be such a wonderful feeling..! Beautifully penned :D

  4. This is so loving and beautiful. Written from the depth of a mother's heart.

  5. A really lovely poem to your son! Your love overflows in your words!

  6. Very nice poem. Did your son read it?

  7. Such wonder when a son can make his momma proud. It's like giving back the love that you have been given.

  8. Even as adults, no matter their age or ours, they are our children and we are always their mum. Nice.

  9. Warms the cockles of the heart.

  10. Your love for your family is always oozing with joy & contentment & pride. Thank you because that love you have for them truly inspires us in a great positive way, Ayala. Thank you for writing this poem!

    1. Thank you Kelvin. You are kind and your words touch my heart.

  11. the reward at the end of the journey - well done

  12. so sweet and heartfelt poem for the piece of a mother's heart!

  13. Ah.. the mother who responds
    in like with open mind of heart
    as Love.. a Treasure for
    greater connection

  14. I can really appreciate the love and pride you must have for your son. Your poem is a wonderful tribute to motherly love.

  15. witnessing lovable and a proud mother. God bless :)

    A Rat's Nibble

  16. Happy Anniversary! Five years is quite an accomplishment and blessing to those who read your blog. Your poem perfectly fits Marina's prompt. I love the story of how and why you started blogging. Peace, Linda

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