Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A June Morning

The owls await
peeking from their burrow
greeting the day.
I capture a snapshot
as they exit and lounge
on green grass
knowing that it's different
than yesterday's.
They are not modeling new fur,
or wearing a hat,
nor a new disposition,
but something is changed
even if I can't pinpoint to what it is.
I watch with joy every time
we meet.
" Good morning", I utter,
they look back silently.
Some days they shy away
and hide.
Sometimes they meet my gaze,
their brave souls shinning
through bright eyes
but I 
as they
know that they are different today.

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  1. Oh goodness. how cool it would be to be so close to owls. We get them rarely here, or maybe I just see them rarely. What cool creatures. Cool to see them grow and change as well. I used to live near a raptor sanctuary where they helped them heal and got to see eagles and owls up close.

  2. I would love to see owls that close..and each day must be different.. maybe the young ones are ready to fly soon.. Thank you for sharing your friends this way.

  3. my first thought was ARE THE REALLY... how cool to experience them... we once came home to a big Snowy Owl perched in our darken country drive... have never seen him again in 25 years

  4. What an incredible photograph! Their brave souls shining....and how you and they change everyday...marvelous!

  5. We had a robin's nest in the timbers of our deck cover this Spring. Three hatchlings went from fuzz to feathers to freedom's flight in just two weeks; amazing to watch. thanks for sharing magical moments & insights & that incredible photo.

  6. I would love to see those owls as I haven't seen one yet (outside the zoo) ~ I don't think I will tire of seeing them, smiles ~

    Thanks for joining in ~

  7. Owls of grass.. i never see.. they certainly are.. a delight..
    in leaves so green.. the tree of owl.. is who at night..
    and owl of grass.. is green owled wise..:)

  8. I enjoyed this very much! Owls are amazing, aren't they? I wrote on similar lines today :)

  9. Owls are my favorite animals! They're brave souls indeed... so stoic and regal.

  10. a cute shot!

    ( '>

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  11. Well done--and what precious little creatures!

  12. Ayala: Your poem reminded me of the owls that visit us every summer. They carve out a space in the cradle of a cactus near our home. Loved revisiting my memories of owls through your words. Thank you.

  13. I hear them at night not far from me...your poem is sweet

  14. Oh, what a thrill. Thanks for letting us share it.

  15. How WONDERFUL to watch baby owls growing stronger every day. I am blown away by that. And they trust you, to come so close. Lovely. This was wonderful in every way!

  16. Thanks for sharing your owls with us today. They are beautiful. It seems strange that owls would next in a burrow. I think of them as being in trees. Peace, Linda

  17. oh how cool it is to meet them almost like friends on a regular base - some day they will greet you with your name you know... smiles

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