Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The owl watches me
from his burrow,
"good morning"
 I whisper
 as not to arouse
suspicion of my sanity to
His eyebrows 
   prominent white
his eyes shine.
He is shaded by
a great old tree
with giant roots and
a giant heart
the kind old trees possess .
The red flowers shed
 on the ground
are like a carpet as I walk past .
The owl watches me
and others that
go past him without a second
I think about an old friend
his hair was grey
and his enthusiasm unmatched
by any young folks.
He was awarded
a purple heart and
the Bronze Star 
with three oak leaf clusters for valor 
 in world war II
He cracked  jokes and he
delighted when I smiled.
He offered help
when he saw me drowning
and wept with me when his mother
died in her late nineties.
He lived and died
on his own terms,
courageous and full of spirit.
When I heard the news
I cried
a wound bruised
inside me.
I think of him often,
 he was one of those
souls that are rare
 and kind
gentle and giant.
His soul saw mine
like the great tree in this park
with a huge heart
like this owl that
watches me
like he can see 
  my soul. 
spirits entwined as one
for a moment
for a day


  1. This is a wonderful tribute to your friend Ayala ~ I admire that he lived and died on his own terms ~

  2. What a moving tribute, Ayala. It shows your well as his! May he rest in peace.

  3. I lost someone I had known since I was a baby a few weeks ago and was quite affected by her death so I can relate to your own pain and feeling of loss. This was a very heartfelt and touching write, Ayala.

  4. The highest tribute of a sensitive, talented woman! What an honor to know you.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  5. We are so lucky when we find someone like this in our lives--beautiful write!

  6. such soulmates are rare...and so precious to be seen and to know each other in a way of understanding without words even...what a beautiful tribute to your friend...

  7. Your is a story of creation of a love...the kind we call "true love". Thank you for sharing your sweet thought on Ralph--with us.

  8. Souls can never be apart and may be their paths will cross again.

  9. nice...i like the connection you draw between the owl and the friend...and how he saw your soul...friends like that are so special....

  10. What a friend. Many live a life time without that pleasure.

    Know you gifted his life with support as he did for you.

  11. Sounds like he was a very special man, Ayala. Lovely poem.

  12. Lovely piece, Ayala. I love the metaphor you created with your poem. Sending love and hugs.

  13. A truly lovely piece, and your life is richer for knowing him. And sometimes I think, you may be the only person who knew him in the way that you did. Thank you for that, and for sharing who he was.

  14. Friends like these are rare.. I'm glad you see him in the owl...

  15. Great tribute indeed, such people always make an imprint that lasts a lifetime

  16. How one kind soul can sacrifice so much to what one yearns for. A great tribute ayala!


  17. A hymn to souls comfort - "for a moment, for a day, forever... How true and what a great and truly felt poem - For me one of your best, for sure... With Best Wishes Scott

  18. You have conveyed "him" your friend beautifully along with the sadness of his loss. This is the favorite of poems that I have read today. It is like a little gift. Thank you. I think that is perhaps because it is so tender.

    I always love opening your blog and seeing your ever so happy lab. ;)

  19. Connection with the living and the the same as long as there is love..the love those gifts are given us..and never to be taken away..

    to honor those who gift a gift too..

    And i for one will talk to my animals too.. a bird..a tree..a flower..and ocean..a wave..they all are the same loving things to me...

    The more i connect..the more i love..the more i...

  20. Wise old owls are only so when the people who listen to them are wise to hear...a magical piece

  21. Connections like this are precious and we all have our own an can relate to your loss. Very cool write.

  22. So beautiful to cherish the memory of a good friend, and to be friends, if only momentarily with the tree and the owl. Relationships are like that regardless of how long they last. I enjoyed reading this so much. A beautful write.

  23. I think it is beautiful when sweet memories are gifted to us through nature. Very moving tribute with wonderful reflections.

  24. I read this on Facebook and fell in love with it... just stopping by again to reread and say it here. :) xoxo

  25. We are reminded of love and connections in so many ways every day if we tap into awareness. Lovely piece, Ayala!