Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The ocean holds our dreams,
waves have washed over us
while we trolled the great ocean
as it unfolded and lay in front
of us in it's glory.
These waves tender
and fierce
told our stories to the sun,
the moon
and the vast sky.
We were one with the currents
and the tides.
We watched birds working
our guides to clues.
Our reels sang
as we fished,
your laughter
genuine and loud,
while joy flowed in our veins.
Images of yesterday stir my soul,
tears falling
for a friend that was a brother 
to me.
While the fishing rods sway
to the rhythm
of the universe
our friendship 
lasted to the sunset of our life.
This poem is about my father in law and his dear friend Captain James Farrell . They were friends for more than forty five years. Captain Farrell was a role model to my husband. He was loved by so many. I wrote this in 2010. He passed away almost three weeks ago and this coming week his life will be celebrated.


  1. so cool that their freindship lasted so long....i am sorry for the loss of such a he obviously meant much to your family...and hubby...i hope that your celebration of his life goes well.....

  2. He was a great role model for me. I will love him forever. His loud, deeply heartfelt, one of a kind laugh, will ring in my ears for the rest of my life.
    Rest In Peace Dear Capt. Farrell

  3. What a great tribute to friendship. Hugs, Ayala. xoxo

  4. Such a beautiful, loving tribute. So sorry for your loss. xoxo

  5. Such a lovely tribute to the friendship that lasted in the sunset of their lives ~ Take care Ayala ~

  6. So sorry for your loss, Ayala. Glad you had such a wonderful friendship.

  7. Condolences to your and your family. I hope you read this at the celebration of his life - it's so touching and I'm sure even more so for those close to the Captain. (hug)

  8. so heartbreaking when a loved one is lost. but so very important to celebrate their life

  9. cool on having such a good friend and of so many years as well... i met my best friend and kindergarden - and it's been 43 years now...smiles

  10. It is so easy to write a masterpiece.
    Only write what our heart dictates
    ..and the universe will bow it's head
    in acknowledgment of being in
    a special moment--
    a special presence.
    Thank you, Ayala

  11. A lovely tribute to what sounds like a really great friendship. Thanks. k.

  12. A lovely memorial and a kind expression of apprecatiation. Poignant. I'm sorry for you loss.
    Jamie Dedes

  13. A tribute to honor a long friendship. A lovely way to contribute to the celebration of his life.

  14. I love what you say - celebrating a life. Friendships like that are truly amazing and remarkable. May he rest in glorious peace. Wonderful to be reading your beautiful poetry again, ayala.