Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Breathe Poetry, breathe life

Is there a handbook
to this dance
called poetry ?
This wonder that we call life?
Our words come from within
our soul,
rising, floating, soaring
to embrace our humanity.
You say that you have no time
 for poetry,
but do you have time to breathe ?
to live ?
to grasp today
 and hold it fiercely.
This day that won't
repeat or return .
You say that it's
not your thing
I ask
do you understand love,
and pain
sorrow and
 immense joy?
Do you understand 
what it feels like 
to leap,
to bow in pain,
to listen.
To Hear the stories rising from the streets
and weep
walk a thousand miles and then understand that
you never felt the pain of the sinner,
nor the one left out 
looking in
or the one that's left to pick up 
the crumbs while
others are feasting.
You can't understand their pain 
because you have not felt it.
You say you comprehend 
you say you have knowledge
but those are lies
that you tell yourself when you sleep
and then you wake up in a cold
sweat and you realize that you don't have 
the answers to anything.
You don't know much,
you think you are enlightened
and wise
and you realize that there is much
left to learn
fight for,
Poetry is everywhere,
you see the world in different colors
and then you begin to live,
and breathe.


  1. the poetry of life.. open eyes for the everyday...def. poetry helps me to sort my thoughts, capture what i see and understand things a bit more... others have other ways to do the same probably.. there are so many ways to stretch life into our souls or the other way round...smiles..happy tuesday ayala

  2. ayala - we don't have oln but poetics today...the prompt is micro poetry to macro photos - maybe you wanna give it a try and write one? next OLN will be Saturday, March 29th - only once a month now with the new schedule...

  3. if there was a handbook i would not want it...i much rather enjoy finding my have it prescribed to me would be so boring you room to innovate or experiment....

  4. The cat does what he likes indeed, no rules with be put on his feed

  5. This is beautiful and relevant, Ayala. Poetry IS everywhere, and indeed we do need to savor it along with the rest of life!

  6. This is so very true, Ayala! We can find poetry in all sorts of places, if we know where to look.
    "You say that you have no time / for poetry, / but do you have time to breathe ? - wonderful lines!

  7. This is so full of that life you are describing. Love it!

  8. Yes, life and poetry stroll hand-in-hand if we keep our eyes open!

  9. Oh my, yes, I sang yes all the ways through this! Lovely and true and why we write. Yes!

  10. Poetry is everywhere and its a gift to embrace it as the day or night will never return again ~ I hope you are well Ayala ~ Take care ~

  11. I don't know where it comes from but I'd like to sip on the beer while I wait for it.

  12. Ayala, your poem speaks to my heart.
    Love the poem.

  13. It looks like a tree of life...lovely!!

  14. beautiful it is!
    true. Poetry is a bliss! :)

  15. No there's no handbook except for our inner guidance system that if we listen closely enough can lead us well through our life. To really know another human is a rare thing I think. We can hold things close and keep things in so one can see. A deep observation, Ayala.

  16. What is wonderful about being a poet is
    no need to search for words.
    They find you.

    BTW. There IS a Handbook. It is in your ♥

  17. poetry speaks to the heart and soul..your words were lovely..

  18. Oh yes...there is so much left to learn, dances to dance, experiences to live! Lovely poem!

  19. Your exuberance and passion are always uplifting. K. Manicddailt

  20. Poignant and beautiful, Ayala. This is one of my favorites by you. Paying attention to the poetry of our days - such a wonderful way to envision our lives.

  21. In truth I think we all know suffering, each in our own way, we have tasted it… all of us have stories to tell poems to release… AND it is essential to witness to allow empathy to rise for others, to recognize that we all share one heart.

  22. The perfect story of true life. And a beautiful one ahead.

  23. It's so true, ayala. All of what you write. Life is poetry...poetry is life. I loved this piece! Lovely to be back reading your beautiful writing. :)

  24. Ah yes indeed Ayala -
    "To grasp today
    and hold it fiercely....
    And then you begin to live..." for sure! Heartfelt and true, as always ... With Best Wishes Scott

  25. the poetry of the moment is wonderful