Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Joy

The Clarinet is tucked away
in a black box
that confines it.
Red velvet shields it
from the storm.
The Clarinet is silent
and longing in it's journey.
The Joy Of Music School
in Knoxville, Tennessee
will embrace it upon arrival.
A child will hold it,
and blow a breath.
A breath of hope,
music flowing through his veins.
The sound will soothe
like the ocean.
The sound will heal like basking in the sun.
The Clarinet
will come to life,
The child will change forever
music dancing in his soul.


  1. Don't you just love how music is a language that transcends ages and cultures? My house is filled with instruments; no clarinet but there are soem other wind isntruments there and yes, they fill our lives with joy.

  2. smiles. you know it will touch a life and come alive again...perhaps it and perhaps them...very nice...

  3. Yes,Belinda. I am happy to hear that music fills your life with joy. The Joy Of Music School is a non profit school that's touching many lives.

  4. Music definitely touches the soul. Too bad most kids don't really appreciate it when they're in band class in Middle School. Still, some do.

  5. Ben, the kids in this school are changing their life because of music. I wrote a post about it today to explain what inspired me to write the poem.

  6. Love this, Ayala. I know so many children who are connected to what's good and rejected what's bad because of the music they love and the instruments they've been given the opportunity to play.

  7. Thank you,Kelly. It's inspiring how these children appreciate the music in their life.

  8. Thank you, promising poets. Love to have you here.