Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Thought I might- I still Do

As a young girl I thought,
that I might change the world,
Fueled with desire and a passion.
Second avenue was barely lit up,
cardboard was sprawled on the sidewalk.
The shelter closed down the doors,
the streets were dark and dangerous.
My cooler filled with milk containers ,
brown paper bags with homemade sandwiches,
they welcomed me with silent gratitude.
My thoughts dancing in my head,
I wanted to change their world.
I thought I should and could .
I thought I might some day.
There's a tree in my soul,
it's branches are adorned with leaves,
it's roots are tangled and twisted.
The past chains me with shackles,
social change has been too slow,
the need is greater than ever.
Change comes by helping one soul,
one dream that becomes a reality.
Change translates to many different possibilities .
I still believe that I might,
I still believe that I can,
change a life, for the better.


  1. Well, dear, you have changed my life for the better. Hearing from a compassionate, positive, and caring person like you gives me hope for our future.

  2. Wow, that was very inspiring. It even made my heart ache a little. I believe that you CAN!

  3. You can change the world, one kind act at a time

  4. I so relate to this post.
    We can spread our love around
    and touch lives, help less fortunate.

  5. This touch my heart deeply.
    I loved this. I really loved this.

    Thank you!!!

  6. You made me remember how as I child I believed that I COULD make a change...discouragement wasn't part of my vocabulary yet. Thanks for the reminder!
    "Change comes by helping one soul" that line.

  7. I might just join you!

  8. I know that feeling of offering
    what you have, what you hope
    will bring some comfort to others.

    I say: Keep at it. Believe
    that your two hands are mighty.
    Give and hope until your heart's

    fullness is able to fill up
    those around you who need it.

  9. You must have been a cool little girl!

  10. Thank you, Molly. I always love your positive comments!

  11. Thank you , Caroline. And thanks for your confidence :)

  12. Sara, one act of kindness, one life at a time.

  13. Thank you, Alita. I am honored that it touched your heart.

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  15. Thank you, Kristi. Sometimes we forget how driven we were by our passion and when we remember we find ourselves again.

  16. I could use the company,Brook.

  17. Kelly, thank you. Beautiful thoughts that you send my way!

  18. Beautiful, Ayala. Yes, you do, sister, and I hope you never ever stop believing that you make a difference. I am fired up as I got to see one of my all time heroes Eve Ensler not once but twice this week and everytime I do, she ignites my soul and makes me want to do whatever I can to make sure other women and girls receive that basic rights that I have been so blessed to have.

  19. oh ayala, you did it again.
    'there's a tree in my soul'

    a new way of describing it
    the feeling of creating positive change!

  20. I believe you can make change.
    What's more: I suspect you DO.

  21. My dear Belinda, thank you.I think it's so fantastic that you got to see Eve Ensler twice this week. I wish I was there with you. It's so wonderful when our soul can be ignited that way. I believe that YOU can do anything you set your mind to !

  22. Thank you, Melissa. I always wish that I could do more !

  23. I used to want to change the world also, make the world a better place. Now I'm happy just hoping that I can become a better man. I like your outlook a lot. Here's to changing what we can.

  24. Ben, becoming a better man is good, and leads to a better world. So, yes, here's to changing what we can.

  25. Ayala - I'm so late with my Six Word Friday visit this week! (crazy weekend)

    I love this post - the might of possibilities - to make change - to have a positive impression on another's life. Lovely.

  26. Thank you, Mel. I hope it was a crazy but good weekend.