Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Novelty Of A Ball

As a thirteen year old boy,
war was cruel, sad, and gray.
There was no place to escape,
there were dreadful, piercing, loud sounds.
There was gratitude to be alive.
A ball made out of rags,
such a novelty in that place.
The stench of death always looming.
That boy grew up to survive,
the camp, the war, the sadness.
That boy was my dear father,
not only he survived the war,
but his spirit always soared high.
He lived his life with gratitude.
Growing up he was my hero,
he taught me through his example.
To fight for what I believe,
to live on my own terms.
To be kind and help others,
to seek truth and live fully.
His life read like a novel,
his legacy continues through our life.


  1. Beautiful, Ayala. I love the idea of living life like a novel, making each chapter interesting and engaging so that someone might actually read our story.

  2. Just wow.
    Reading that gave me such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for everything. Beautiful.

  3. A stirring tribute to your father, Ayala. It's so full of love and the deepest of truths.

  4. Thank you, Molly. He lived an interesting full life!

  5. Thank you, Colleen. We take so much for granted,don't we?

  6. Thank you, Belinda. When I finished writing it I felt at peace thinking that he would have liked it.

  7. You have warmed my heart. Another moving post.

  8. A life well-lived, a legacy created.

  9. A wonderful ode to your father. Thank you for sharing this, Ayala.

  10. Ayala, how lovely to have such a father to look up to. That we could all have the same outlook when we are troubled by issues rather trifling compared to growing up during a war.

  11. Mel, it amazes me that he had such a great attitude after all that he went through. He was an amazing man!

  12. that's amazing. I can't imagine.
    great post. we are so blessed.

  13. Thank you, Tessa. You are right, we are blessed.