Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Thursday, June 1, 2023




I no longer remember the sound of her laughter.

I no longer remember the scent of her perfume.

Did she bake challah for the Sabbath?

Did her hands form a perfect braid?

The wind whispered her name. 

Her hair flowed when she walked. 

Darkness, illuminated by her smile.

She embraced her husband for the last time.

The memories of their newlywed days sustained her.

Their faces beamed when they found each other in a crowd.

Their hearts beat as one.

Their unconscious flowing tenderness was seamless.

A dance of life, filled with beauty and kindness.

Sally mourned my beloved uncle’s death.

Devastated and alone she returned 

to reclaim their home.

The villagers that pillaged their possessions 

took her life. 

Her body was dismembered. 

I might imagine all the places where 

the parts were thrown. 

Patches of beautiful lilies grew there. 

(This poem originally appeared in A Corner in the World: 

Holocaust Poems for My Father.



  1. Powerful and heart wrenching. The shift in the poem from a beautiful love story to a horrible tragedy really emphasizes how quickly our lives can turn because of the evil of others. Congratulations on your book going to the moon!

  2. Poignant, sorrowful recollection with saving grace in the flowers that remain.

  3. Wow... such a powerful, visceral, vivid piece... I really felt the words as I read them.

    Much love,

  4. The shift took me by surprise. Wow but itsn't that the nature of futures.
    Astounding is my label for this poem


  5. I might imagine all the places where
    the parts were thrown.
    Patches of beautiful lilies grew there.

    Sad, but it all goes to show those who were made to sacrifice eventually triumphed and were recognised. Not been seeing you Ayala, Ma'am! Nice to have you back!


    1. It's good to be back. Thank you.

  6. Perfect. Great to read you again, Ayala.

  7. Thinking of you, sweet Ayala, with all that is going on in Israel. <3

  8. Thanks for being a reliable source of inspiration in my personal and professional life.

  9. Your writing resonates with authenticity, creating a genuine connection.