Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Saturday, May 7, 2016


There was a comfort
knowing that I could hear 
your voice,
melt into your arms,
watch the shadows cast
on your face
and know how to bring
light into your eyes.
There was comfort in loving,
in living,
in a shared meal,
an anecdote,
in silent moments.
There was comfort 
I no longer find,
the one I felt in your womb 
or your gentle hand
on my burning forehead 
when I was sick.
I have no church or synagogue
to find refuge in.
I seek the museums 
of the world
where we once walked 
I walk alone.
In their splendor
I feel you like a gentle wind
beside me,
urging me to see the magnificence. 
The art fills my soul
with curiosity and wonder.
I find you there,
loving me,
giving me the will
to find the essence
in the beauty of this life.


  1. Everything that a Mom shows with her presence and reassurance. It is a pity many take it for granted to only regret later after they are gone! Great lines ayala!


  2. Beautiful! both image and words. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Ayala,

    The longing is palpable in your words. I know birthdays/anniversaries/holidays are so difficult. Thinking of you, my friend. Love always.

  4. What a touching tribute & beautiful photo ~ Happy Mother's Day ~

  5. What a beautiful bond you've shared with her!

  6. Especially poignant for me today as my own mother's birthday would be tomorrow. The tie of love never breaks, nor fades, does it. Like mine, your mother seems to have been your best friend too. This is lovely.