Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Queen

We bought brown suede boots
durable and rugged.
We bought the boots 
to wear them to the field 
when we ran with our dog.
She was a puppy then
running with joyful abandon
chasing shadows
and her tail.
I lost myself in her gaze,
she laid glued to me
leaving no room for anyone else.
She was graceful as if
she knew that she was
a queen in another life,
and I was her servant. 
He misses her,
and he misses the young
girl I used to be. 

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  1. Oh this is so sweet... dogs can capture so much emotions for a human life.

  2. A joyous description of the durable bond between humans and animals - I liked the thought that in a previous incarnation they were the queens and masters...

  3. I like the way you started out with the boots...but it was the dog that was the most important. This has a poignant sadness, sweet in that the dog was once a puppy and the young girl has grown...and that pup is now only a memory. If only dogs lived as long as humans... A very moving poem, Ayala.

  4. Sure a bond between person and pup that never goes away

  5. A classic revelation of that special bond between them!


  6. Dogs and cats are Kings and Queens
    of human Love that last from birth to death..
    When a cat or dog sees a human they see
    a caring being or a non-caring being and
    respond in kind or caution..
    Dogs and cats see no
    age.. no gender
    when Love
    is giving
    and sure
    in subsistence
    ways.. and that is
    how Loving children
    see their elders before
    culture teaches Love is
    only skin deep.. i choose
    to be pet instead of modern
    human.. no restrictions to
    the Love
    of Pets
    i am paying
    attention to the
    last line.. my friend..
    i see the other meaning..

  7. Autumn and the world is full of sun, grace, hallows of all the ghosts we miss, and this sweet poem of a lost friend..almost heartbreaking. I loved reading your words again. Gay

  8. so moving... the warmth in this and also the sense of loss in an ever changing life

  9. It is wonderful that this starts with the boots--a real sweetness about that, and about the changes of life--very sweetly done, Ayala. k.

  10. This is so heartfelt - I have been in this heart and life place, too.

  11. Lovely, Ayala. There is a sweetness to this poem.

  12. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart

  13. Every single one of us has faced the loss of a fur-kid, a pet family member. The emotions thats stirs up rivals the emotions clinging to real tragedy when we lose an actual (human) family member.

  14. As Bjorn said, I enjoyed revisiting this poem as well. Makes me think once more of how much of a bond there is between humans and dogs and how sometimes the 'aging' is more visible in dogs who go so much more quickly from puppyhood to old age before our eyes.....and then....

  15. This is delightful and extremely sweet. Lovely.

  16. I too loved revisiting this poem.. there is a tender wistfulness here.. and the end is particularly sweet!

    Lots of love,

  17. i remember this one... a moving piece and i like how you start with the boots - something so common but carries the emotion perfectly here

  18. May new pups
    come your way
    to refresh
    a heArt
    of Young..:)