Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The sigh of the roots

 My beloved,
plant me an orange tree
it's nectar sweet on my lips.
Follow me to the orange grove
barefoot and free.
In the orange grove
grandma's spirit lives,
in the sigh of the trees,
in the wondrous soil.
That is where she held
people's hands
and people's lives
and inspired them to love her
the way she was meant to be loved.
My beloved,
tender heart
know that these are my roots
that I have walked this far
and I have learned lessons of life
in the charred limbs of a tree,
in the puzzle patches of the bark,
in the eyes of the Cooper's Hawk
greeting me with love.
Plant me an orange tree
and forever I will
be grateful.


  1. This is a beautiful poem Ayala ~ I specially like the refrain of planting an orange tree, very symbolic of steadfast love ~

  2. Your words carry such weight of meaning! I love that photo

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  3. Truly gorgeous writing, Ayala.
    Love this one.

  4. Lessons we surely learn as the roots grow and spread

  5. the sigh of the roots is clearly heard here... love how you use the orange tree as a symbol and so good when the beloved understands...

  6. You deserve an entire orange grove !
    I'll get my shovel !

  7. Filled with deep love.....enjoyed the idea of an 'orange tree.'

  8. Ayala, I am so glad I didnt miss this beautiful and tender poem. I love that you walk in the footsteps of your grandmother. I do, too........loved every line of this beautiful, loving, meaningful poem. You live a sun-kissed life indeed and that makes me happy.

  9. Lots of smiles & cyber hugs extended with this one; not sure it is related to the dVerse prompt, but that certainly is not important; what is important is that it warmed up my morning, & changed a grimace to a smile.

  10. A sweet and loving poem, Ayala. And fragrant with oranges. k.

  11. Beautiful, Ayala. Love the imagery and how you engage our senses.

  12. Ah, Ayala, this is so bright poem. So much light and love and respect and gratitude to be able walk your grandma steps...Sunny warm poem with timely for our cold November days.... x

  13. What a lovely poem and photo, Ayala!