Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The grass glistens
like gems under the light.
I am a dreamer lost in these
moments of wonder.
I listen to the melody,
his image on my gray shirt.
He was a dreamer,
I'm not the only one.
He dreamt of peace
when I was in the bomb shelter
listening to air raid sirens.
A ladybug crawled on
my arm in the darkness.
I was not consumed by fear
but I was filled with hope.
If he lived today
would he be disillusioned
that there is no peace,
that barriers exist,
that we are connected
and disconnected.
These days,
this life,
the change,
all the questions that remain.
We dance through  the questions
we walk side by side with our shadows.
Once in awhile
 we see a glimpse of our better self
making the world a better place
than we have found it.
I am a dreamer 
but I am not the only one.
Mary has us writing in quotes,some of my favorite quotes come from John Lennon's Imagine. 
He was a dreamer and I join him in dreaming.


  1. very cool quote to play off of....he was dreaming peace while i was in a bomb shelter...sets a great contrast...the better self we sometimes glimpse...i hope for peace....i dream for peace..dont ever lose that dream...

  2. It strikes me that in a lot of religions, people pray for peace and yet it is so hard for us humans to achieve. I like how you have made the quote part of your poem.

  3. You could add a quote from Martin Luther King here too.. "I have a dream..." would fit perfect.. so sad that while most of us understand, we still make the world complicated to find simple solutions.. The solution is complicated to a simple problem, but a simple solution complicates the problem.

  4. Yes he would be disappointed, as we all are. Beautiful poem dealing with a song that always gets to me.

  5. it's a beautiful songs - and i dream alongside him and everyone who refuses to give up hope...

  6. Oh, I like what you did with the John Lennon quotes, Ayala. I think we may all have our dreams of peace, but it seems that things really do not change that much. But we have to keep the hope. Lennon would have wanted us to.

  7. He was one of my favorite dreamers too. I love this poem of hope!

  8. The ladybug in the middle of this poem is a perfect light touch! Love it.

  9. Yes, this song grew on me over the years... I too wonder how he would feel now. Perhaps it is better that he doesn't know.

  10. I new your source as soon as I read the title. Thoughtful words, both his and yours. :)

  11. As a card carrying lover of John, I bow to this work! Thank you!

  12. One of my favorites Ayala ~ I join you too in dreaming for a more peaceful world ~ Love this ~


  13. Awesome! poem...and we will all join you in peace and connecting the world with music and harmony. :)

  14. You do him honor. He would have loved this poem. And I imagine we dreamers will continue dreaming.

  15. dancing through question a fine thing

  16. Dreamers can ream indeed and it would be nice to come due, but humans can't seem to grasp peace

  17. yes for a better and peaceful world...great lines Ayala

  18. Dreams are so essential for our existnec.

  19. Beautiful take on the prompt - and on the song. Love it!

  20. Such a wonderful many dreamers out there. Beautiful poem Ayala!

  21. I enjoyed this poem, Ayala. It carries with it the air of hope and wistfulness. John Lennon is one of my favorite dreamers, too.

  22. John Lennon would like your poem as I did.
    Wonderfully composed, ayala.

  23. rich with emotion

  24. Sure your are not alone ......... every one has dreams but very few people like us express............

  25. Does this mean you're in NYC? I think of that often...what would he think?

    1. No, the prompt was to use some of our favorite quotes..which I did :)

  26. Dreams guide us forward ... beautifully expressed :-)

  27. we can strive for it, write about it, hope for it.
    One day
    lovely Ayala