Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten Years

September morning,
strong, dark cappuccino sipped
in fragile cups.
Good Morning America on the television,
our newborn slept soundly,
our high school age son was sleeping too.
Then in an instant,
nothing felt the same.
Shattered lives,
shattered dreams,
images branded in our mind.
Hollow sadness, despair, tears flowing.
Ten years later,
our thoughts laced together,
endless conversations,
about this moment.
A moment of sacrifice ,
a moment of pride,
a moment of to unite us all.


  1. It's sad how we have been united by such terrible loss. It seems sort of hopeless right now to me:( But, on a brighter note, you are a great poet. So, glad to know your blog!!

  2. i was in the air that day...and in light of recent news it is on the minds of many...

  3. emotions of many expressed very well in your poem. what a privilege to get to know a talented poet as you.

    thank you

  4. The contrast between peace and chaos perfectly expressed, ayala.

  5. I was supposed to be on a plane to NY that day, a memory that still echoes to this day.

  6. Wow Brian, how crazy is that....

  7. Thank you,Hope. You are very kind.

  8. Belinda, I can imagine how you must have felt and how you still feel....

  9. Ayala, this is a very poignant poem, beautifully written. You should think about re-posting it for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, this year.

  10. Thank you, Leslie. I may do that..I appreciate it.