Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Role Model

Captain J.F,a hard working family man, an anchor to many. He is one of my husband's role models. He possesses many qualities that my husband longed to see in his father. Captain J.F underwent surgery yesterday. It's the third surgery he has gone through in the past two weeks. Yesterday it was a heart surgery. In my family room,there are photographs of a younger Captain J.F with my father in-law and my husband as a child. Photographs at Hampton Bays,of smiling faces,with decks full of silver shinning fish. When my husband cooks mashed potatoes he remembers,the Christmas that he had his first"real" mashed potatoes(his mom only made instant) at Captain J.F's house. I smile as I watch him drift back to his childhood. A childhood of carefree summers,fishing,digging for clams,finding treasures that he would never forget. As I silently wish Captain J.F good wishes,I think about the many sunrises he has seen on the ocean. I suppress the thought of him drifting away into the sunset. I suppress it with a wish.I suppress it with a prayer.

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