Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fishing for details

On most days I wait for my son to call and tell me about his day. I fish for details of his everyday life. I want to know everything that he is willing to share with me. At times he sounds annoyed that I ask him so many questions. He reminds me that he is busy . He reminds me that he is a grown man. I think that he forgets that I have made him my world when he was born. I have watched him every waking moment. I have listened to him sharing  his thoughts and sharing his dreams. I have encouraged him when he was growing up and I encourage him still. My love is everlasting as corny as it sounds. I can't stop wanting to know everything that he is going through. He is twenty four and no longer a child . To me he is my child always . He no longer builds Legos but he is building other dreams. I quietly watch him . Watching him is something I do well. Watching him, loving him is what I do best.

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