Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering Heroes

The little boy asks
about heroes long gone.
The tree shades him and sighs.
The tree has witnessed tears shed, silent tears,
raging tears,
for lives lost.
The flag flies in the wind today,
red white and blue,
in their honor.
The flag whispers tales
of heroes known and unknown.
They had courage,
they had vision,
they sacrificed,
for our freedom.
I wonder if they can watch the parades
from heaven.
Front seats for their own funerals,
as the ground weeps when they are laid to rest.
We need to remember them today,
and always.


  1. Good Morning ~ Happy Memorial Day
    This is very touching...I think of all the heroes unknown to me, and hope that they are ALL being remembered today by those who loved them and lost them. Thanks for this.

  2. a stirring tribute...i remember and honor them today...

  3. I believe they can see from Heaven. And, I love the line, "as the ground weeps when they are laid to rest." That is a very beautiful and moving image.

  4. beautiful tribute - and i like the pic you chose for underlining...yes we must remember them..

  5. beautifully written reminder. thank you!

  6. 'The flag whispers tales
    of heroes known and unknown.'
    '...the ground weeps when they are laid to rest.'

    Such touching thoughts to read today, Memorial Day.
    Thank you.

  7. Beautiful and so very true, ayala. Thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve. They deserve a special place in our hearts and minds.

  8. This is beautiful, Ayala, as always. And I think your last line holds such an important reminder: to hold these men and women in our hearts not only today, when we're reminded to, but everyday.

  9. Thank you, Adrienne. I hope so too. Happy Memorial Day!

  10. Brian, I know that you do....

  11. Dulce...yes ..we need and must!

  12. Thank you, Claudia. The photo I took at Arlington two years ago of my son as he looked on this sad place.

  13. Thank you, Talon. It's a gratitude we should always carry in our hearts.

  14. Excellent tribute! The veterans deserve to be remembered and honored today.

  15. Wonderful and poignant tribute. Thanks for the reminder Ayala!

  16. Rachel,thank you. And yes...yes..yes!

  17. Great tribute. Thank you for sharing.