Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Leonard Cohen

His words are the soundtrack
of the morning,
like a flower opening to light and sun.
Like the wind touching my face,
and my old wounds.
Like the ivy growing on the wall,
like a lover crawling on my skin.
The bird of Paradise plant
is exceptionally brilliant today,
as if his words warmed her too.
I smile with answers to ancient questions,
to finding my way home
following the bread crumbs that he left behind.
My spirituality never questioned
nor displayed,
only my heart shinning like a beacon.

I found Leonard Cohen too late in my life, he is my new obsession. His thoughts resonate with me, his wisdom draws me in. He is an icon and a genius. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


When the end comes
it's not announced by trumpets,
nor by red carpet to welcome it.
When the end comes,
it's manifested in deaf ears,
and in sharp words that sting.
Smooth verses
are stored away like
ornaments after Christmas.
Silence gnaws like
acid on metal,
the exterior still shinny and gleaming.
Green fields turn brown
from drought.
Halfway roads are less traveled,
the cold hangs in the air,
even though the sun is shinning.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Five Year Blog Anniversary

I fell into life's embrace,
decay crawling on my skin,
naked to be seen.
a place? a destination?
my soul scarred,
shattered pieces
healed by love.
My vessel fragile,
yet my spirit like a great oak tree.
How do I matter?
What is this journey
called life?
The past and the present,
side by side,
tied like a ship with a lifeboat.
Where I have been,
what I have done,
is written on my soul.
What is life, if not
for the love that I breathe,
for the love I have nurtured
for my boys.
Every breath they took,
gave me the will to be better,
to survive,
to evolve.
Love is the greatest gift,
it blooms in my heart,
it flows through my veins,
it saturates my being.

 Five years ago today I began posting on my blog, a sun kissed life. It was a difficult time, I had lost both my parents and I felt wounded, tired, and vulnerable. A desire was sparked to write again and to stand with an open heart and share it. The desire was mixed with fear of leaving myself naked to be seen. My pain expressed for strangers to see, but I took a leap. At first the posts remained empty of comments, and it was okay because after all I was writing to find happiness within. As time went by my blog blossomed, other bloggers that I respected came by to read which made me happy and grateful. I was welcomed to a wonderful community of bloggers,poets,authors and journalists. We bleed on our pages and we share our souls. My blog brought me back to the writing I had left behind. It has made me examine ordinary and extraordinary moments of my life. To all my friends I want to say thank you for embracing me with love and acceptance. I am blessed to have you all in my life!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer kissed days

Summer kissed days,
did I dream of this moment
when you were born. 
Pride swells within
for your accomplishments 
and your journey.
It is no longer the
days and years that I embroidered 
With delicate threads of love and knowledge
It is your hard work and vision.
I held you in my arms
and sang you lullabies 
I read you books of wars and peace
of cultures foreign 
and told you that we were all one,
You were wide eyed
with an open heart and imagination 
with purpose and intention.
You grew into a man
that others admire
and I my dearest
can only sigh
and be thankful that you call me mom. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A June Morning

The owls await
peeking from their burrow
greeting the day.
I capture a snapshot
as they exit and lounge
on green grass
knowing that it's different
than yesterday's.
They are not modeling new fur,
or wearing a hat,
nor a new disposition,
but something is changed
even if I can't pinpoint to what it is.
I watch with joy every time
we meet.
" Good morning", I utter,
they look back silently.
Some days they shy away
and hide.
Sometimes they meet my gaze,
their brave souls shinning
through bright eyes
but I 
as they
know that they are different today.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A day in the ocean

 Beauty is around me,
underneath the blue sky,
I hold my breath when I
encounter a flying fish.
How glorious he must feel
to leap in the ocean,
and glide in flight over it.
I taste salt on my lips,
how sweet to feel one
with the vastness,
with the glory of it.
The waves awaken us,
it begins with the breath,
this journey of a thousand heartbreaks
and triumphs. 
Life dangles on a thin thread
we weave,
and we come undone.
Miraculous visions,
while the storms appear on the horizon.
It begins with the breath
and ends there.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grace in the moments

I savor small bites of happiness,
leaving some for other days.
Days unfolding with grace,
there are those moments undefined
the kind that flow through my hands
like running water.
Those are the moments
I remember at 4 o'clock  
in the morning 
when I can't sleep
and you embrace me
in your half sleep
our bodies forming a crescent moon.
The days sometimes escape me,
hours playing hide and seek
but the moments
leave me dazzled and spent.
Glorious they stand on their own
two feet.