Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I bow to the trees,
the birds are my choir.
I find refuge in silent fields,
immunity unspoken,
wounds barely healed,
redemption afforded.
I have forgiven you,
but not myself.
"Not possible" you exclaim,
the ache is throbbing,
the mind is searching,
answers are far and few.
Don't ask me if I want to live,
ask me if I choose to die.

So excited that is featuring The photo above is his illustration. I recently found him through my friend and talented poet and artist Claudia at . I love his work !

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Waiting to grow up

The sidewalk had traces of pink and yellow chalk,
sounds echoed of hopscotch played yesterday.
My footsteps heavy,
sadness in my heart
locked away.
I thought about the war,
sirens in the night,
a ladybug crawling on my arm.
There was a boy in school,
with big brown eyes,
his locks curled gently.
He never saw me,
he was three years older.
I knew love would come one day,
glorious love.
We left home
my brothers grown,
they attempted to shield me
from scraped knees,
broken bones and reality.
They could not see 
how sad my smile was,
how deep my thoughts.
We crossed the ocean 
and planted our lives
like roots of a tree into a 
new society.
I was mesmerized at the pace,
macaroni and cheese in
a blue and yellow Kraft box,
television loud with color and life.
There were egg shaped tape players,
and boats bobbing in the bay.
The sound of the waves in the ocean
lulled me to sleep.
I was dreaming
waiting to grow up.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy 29

Dearest Josh,
I normally write you a poem that celebrates you and this moment in your life. Today I am writing a post
celebrating milestones and a son that has made my soul swell with love. The first time I saw you there was no doubt that you were everything that was good and right in my life. I wanted to make your world perfect but it wasn't. Whatever struggles that came our way I was there to battle them and I was there to protect you from the storms. We spent days reading, playing, conversing. You were a sweet baby, alert and eager. You were a curious toddler. You loved history and science. When you won the fire prevention poster in Kindergarten you felt especially proud because we took it to a professional frame shop to have it matted and framed. You were filled with wonder and our favorite time was every evening reading books, great books that we would discuss and laugh about. You played soccer and baseball and I sat on the bleachers cheering you on. In high school you volunteered at the hospital that you were born at. That first day you called me and you told me that there was a code blue and someone had died and that you wanted to be a doctor to help people. I told you as I often did ,that I support you and you should do what you are passionate about. You have trained hard through the last few years becoming a wonderful doctor and a humanitarian.When you read this you will roll your eyes because it comes naturally to you to be this kind and generous man. I am proud of you, I always have been and I always will be. I love you for always and forever.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


If I forget you,
let death carry me on her shoulders.
If I forget you 
the walls of my heart
would be empty,
the sounds of my soul 
would be silent.
If I forget you
there is no reason to live,
you are the heartbeat,
you are the flame of my soul.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I dove into the ocean
to catch a glimpse
of a sea turtle.
I saw him for a moment,
and my heart fluttered.
I saw pods of dolphins
in the wild, 
frolicking like children in 
the playground
and my heart sang.
I saw wondrous things
without a compass to lead the way
nor a plan.
My guide was my curiosity
and the willingness to fail.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday Daniel

Books on the shelves,
live in your being,
dancing in your thoughts.
You have devoured the pages,
lost in their magic.
Your imagination 
filled with colors,
a kaleidoscope of life,
your wisdom beyond your years.
My eyes delight in 
your walk,
tall and limber,
no longer a boy 
but a young man.
Your voice nourishes 
my soul,
your laughter is the soundtrack 
of my days.
I celebrate today,
your birthday.
I celebrate every giggle and sound
every day
with love
and gratitude
and wonder.
Happy 14th Birthday my sweet son. We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Questions

Sting rays swim by
piercing my imagination
with childlike wonder.
My feet dangling,
a bell rings in the distance.
Life is here and now,
the moment does not elude me.
I smile,
ordinary day,
elevated by their presence.
A net of wonder in the waves,
a leaf trembles and falls into the water,
serene it floats.
The human spirit reveals itself,
I drink the beauty of it,
for a moment I am,
my mind is still,
I am the stingray,
I am the ocean.
What is the soul they question,
what is life?
what is death?
A revolving door
from the past to the present,
a circle
of birth and death.
Questions reveal themselves to me,
I dream of glorious colorful fish
in every shape and size,
oh how we praise their beauty
and their heart during the battle,
worthy opponents.
Where do we go once
we have left this earth,
filled with joy and struggle.
I wish my spirit dances in the trees
and in your eyes.
I wish my spirit warms
your soul when you are in need.
I wish my spirit is a whisper
on your lips,
a smile on your face,
a joy deep within.
Where do our souls dwell,
no one knows.

The photo above is of dolphins in the wild.