Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paris Where Poetry Lives

The light in my heart is
overshadowed by sadness.
Darkness threatens in
a distance 
but I want to believe.
I want to believe 
that souls are tuned
to angels as they sing.
I search for words
through the rubble 
of the day,
the lack arises from
the pain that sears.
Light and darkness,
the spaces of life,
empty moments,
pregnant moments.
Evil trampled on the 
garden of existence 
and vaporized hopes and dreams.
The knife blunt,
the sword sharp,
the cries to the heavens
echoing through the universe,
while bad seeds blind and deaf
to the sounds
of humanity.
I want to believe
in the sacred
in the pure
in the grace of the
poetry that lives 
in these streets.
I want to believe 
I want to touch the light,
and hear the angels sing.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Queen

We bought brown suede boots
durable and rugged.
We bought the boots 
to wear them to the field 
when we ran with our dog.
She was a puppy then
running with joyful abandon
chasing shadows
and her tail.
I lost myself in her gaze,
she laid glued to me
leaving no room for anyone else.
She was graceful as if
she knew that she was
a queen in another life,
and I was her servant. 
He misses her,
and he misses the young
girl I used to be. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


When I am gone,
 I want to dwell in your dreams
like a fluttering butterfly
on your skin.
Kiss your eyelids as you sleep
and embrace you with my wings.
when I am gone I will dance with you
through all the continents,
we will
 hopscotch through the stars
as we climb into
 each others arms.
When I am gone
I'll leave my scent on your pillow
while the violins play
and you drink poems for breakfast
in a tall cup
knowing you were loved.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


It's always been difficult for me to leave myself open and vulnerable even though in my poetry I do, in my daily life it's not always easy to do. The last few weeks were filled with questions and uncertainties. I was tackling some health issues that are still unresolved. A good friend texted me the other day to ask how I was doing. I answered optimistic and with gratitude for the improvement that I have experienced so far. Later I reflected and I realized how hard it is for me to accept that all this worry and fear has left me depressed. I have not had patience to write, to read, to visit my friends on their blogs. I try to assure everyone around me that I am fine because I don't want to burden them. As a mother, wife, friend, I have always tried to comfort everyone. I think I have to accept the way I feel and allow them to comfort me. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Fear whispered in my ears,
like a mosquito feasting on my skin.
It whispered doubts,
 it challenged me into a battle
on the field of life.
I left fear on the sidelines of youth,
and it found me in mid life.
It entered like a burglar
on a dark night,
awakened me in my sleep
and shined a bright light 
in my eyes.
It stood over me
as my heart raced.
Fear climbed the fence
of my garden
and planted seeds
while my back was turned,
like a needle piercing my subconscious.
Fear touched my wounds,
injured my being.
It whispered,
it whispered,
then it roared.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


You know my heart,
the hallways and corridors.
You walked through touching
the walls,
touching my lust and melancholy,
my addiction and joy.
You know my heart,
how it beats to your touch,
how it dances around your moon.
You have heard the thunder
of my heart,
the rivers of my veins pulsating
as you swam through them,
floating lost in the shadows,
familiar with the fears.
You know my heart,
it beats to your touch,
it climbs to meet you,
it holds you close.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The angels watched

The church bells rang,
chords were played.
On your lips
and redemption.
Fine nectar must be tasted
and savored.
The angels watched me
even though I rebelled
and traveled roads less desired.
There was truth in chains
that held me down,
excavating my spirit,
making it soar high.
There was you,
you loved me well,
the way I desired.
You learned my secrets
and took possession of my soul.